Wednesday, 21 April 2010

He is such a sweetie

It's a beautiful sunny day here, and I'm full of the joys of spring. I have Henry choc lab here for a sleepover, so plenty of walks needed for him. I love it when the trees and hedges come into blossom, what glorious colours decorate our countryside and gardens. Everywhere is so pretty. I took my camera out this morning, and took a few snaps.

Someone is telling me he wants to go out again, I can't ignore the pleading look on his face so I'm going to have to get off my bum and go. He is such a sweetie.


  1. stunning blossom, is that all round where you live? does any of it bear fruit? the municipal areas of her estate in Bristol where mum in law lives is thick with fruit trees that just lies on the ground and rots, so we go, shake trees and take away apples, plums and pears

  2. Magnolia trees in bloom are my favourites! There is one just outside my workplace, and I love looking at it often.

  3. I feel exactly the same as you regarding the trees coming into leaf, how wonderful nature is, standing all through the cold, snow, ice, wind etc and then providing us with this beautiful spectacle.
    Without going over the top, I feel so overjoyed each time we go out and see them getting greener and greener.
    I always remember reading an H.E.Bates book years ago when he described the blossoms on the Magnolia trees as like 'Alabaster chalices', this has always stuck with me and is a lovely description of them I think.

  4. We do seem to have a lot of trees in blossom round here. Just across the road is the Village Green with several pink ones. A lot of people have them in their gardens, there is one next door to me. In fact most people are keen gardeners, we have some wonderful flowers displays, it's a delight to walk around.

    Hardly any bear fruit though, they seem to keep fruit trees in the back gardens.


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