Monday, 26 April 2010

Making a list

I am going to have to stop reading other people's blogs, why? Because you are all making me feel so guilty. Everyone seems so organised with their cooking, cleaning, and general orderliness of their lives. I used to be so efficient at organising my time, but what has happened? Now I gaze out of the window and feel no sense of urgency to do anything.

I make mental notes of little jobs that need to be done, and promptly forget them. Sideboard looks a bit dusty, I must get the duster out. Car looks a bit grimey, must give it a wash. Running out of clean pants, must do a wash. Can't see out of the windows, must clean them. Oh bother, the grass is growing far too fast for me, must mow the lawn. And so it goes on, I am turning into a slob.

Whoever wrote the saying, 'Don't put off untill tomorrow what you can do today,' probably didn't get out much, because if you continue to keep on top of things you wouldn't have much time left to do naff all. And doing naff all can be quite enjoyable, even though you might be in danger of turning into a slob, like me.

Anyway, I've started a 'To Do' list, because I need some help to turn my chaos around. I have a 'going on holiday' deadline looming, and if I don't get organised things won't get done. It will cost me more because I wont have planned the food I need to take with me (self catering). My car will let me down because I wont have taken it in for a check, it's developed a strange knocking noise somewhere under the back end. My cat sitters will think I live in a tip if I haven't cleaned up, and even worse there wont be any food to feed the cats if I don't go and buy some. I must fine tune my holiday itinerary or I will be driving round willy nilly wasting time and money, and I must get some maps from the library so I can find the places I want to see.

Other jobs on my 'To Do' list. . . Collect more scrap for the Scrapstore. Get my hair cut, and buy a colour, I fancy going red. Put some credit on the mobi, just changed service provider so I need to work out how to do that. Buy a new pink sun visor for my head, or make one if I can't find one in the shops. Work out a 13 mile route that me and my friend can walk, we want to do our own sponsored walk for charity. Sow some more veg seeds in the raised beds, nothing seems to be happening at the moment with the seeds I have already sown.

Oh dear this is all rather overwhelming, my list is growing by the minute, I think I'll stop now. I shouldn't be sitting here, there are blue skies and sun shine outside, think I'll go and take Ben for a walk :o)


  1. I'm the opposite of organization - oh I would like to be alright but with working 7 days a week, 4 kids, 7 grands, being an artist, being well, me...
    that organization thing all bit the dust a while back...

  2. The first item on every "To-do" list should always be, "Write list of things to do", so that when you've finished writing the list, you can tick off the first thing on it.
    You instantly feel that you've achieved something.

  3. I should do lists too, I've always got something that I've put off, that I shouldn't!

  4. If I write lists I lose them and if it makes you feel better I confess I'm a bit of a slacker :)
    Twiggy x

  5. No matter how many to-do lists you might want to write, there is never going to be enough time to do it all, and that`s a fact. So, stop beating yourselves up over trivia. A bit of dust here and there never killed anyone. Do what feels right at the time, a bit at a time and just forget the rest for a while. Life`s too short to worry yourselves over nothing. And as we all get older the drive to do all of those things deminishes quite naturally. So, there is nothing to worry about, dear Ilona. Just do what you can and when you can.


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