Sunday, 25 April 2010

My latest friend

This is my latest friend, Lady.

She has been here with me today because her owner, Graham, went on a coach trip and was away for ten hours. I was glad to help out as Graham although retired, does a wonderful job of keeping our graveyard neat and tidy. He lives only a five minute walk away so it was no trouble to collect her.

Another excuse for more walking. We went out twice for an hour each time, and she had a great time playing with Karen's two dogs when we met them on the hills. It was the first time Lady had been in my house, and she was fine with the cats, and they didn't mind her sniffing them.

When I took her back I did a bit of litter picking. I saw some people dressed up on their way to the pub, they must have thought what a strange thing to do on a Sunday evening. In fact it was quite pleasant, the weather is nice and warm, and now the place looks tidy.

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