Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The plan unfolds

I've had such a lot of fun today, and I haven't even been anywhere. I surrounded myself with maps and guide books, the computer has been purring away while I've been flicking backwards and forwards from one web site to another, checking and double checking. My map of the south coast from Dorset to Cornwall now has a series of dots stretching from Lulworth Cove to Lands End.

No, don't get excited, I am not going to walk all that way, a ramble of that magnitude would take about two months and I can't spare the time. But I will be exploring lots of interesting places in my car, staying at Youth Hostels along the way.

So, it's all booked and ready to go, only a few weeks to wait and my holiday begins, I'm so excited. The first hostel is Salisbury, then Lulworth Cove, Salcombe, Perranporth, and Lands End. Then I fly to the Isles of Scilly on the Airbus, it only takes 20 minutes. I have four days there, staying at a guest house.

I have been watching the television series, An Island Parish, all about the Scilly Isles, and made my mind up to go and see it for myself. When I spoke to the lady who owns the guest house this afternoon she tells me she is a friend of Heike the vet, and she will introduce me to her. I am chuffed to bits as Heike is a smashing lady, it's going to be so thrilling.

Ok, I know it's going to cost a bit of money, quite a lot actually, but this is why I am frugal in other ways. I don't smoke, rarely drink, don't eat out, don't go to pubs, and don't put the heating on. I save a few pennies wherever I can, so this is payback time. I shall be self catering at the hostels so that will keep keep the cost down a bit. I shall be doing a lot of exploring with my feet, and visiting places which cost very little or nothing to get in. I'll take my bicycle with me, and might get to use my bus pass. I will check if I can exchange my Tesco vouchers for admission tickets, might visit the Eden Project again. And of course there is lots of free fresh sea air. Can't wait :o)


  1. Sounds great Auntie Ilona. Have fun and remember to keep us informed about what interesting folks you meet (I'm sure you will). You know, the Scottish Hebrides are great walking territory too. Lots of lovely hostels to stay in as well. And boy, are there some characters!

    Milton x

  2. How lovely to have a holiday to look forward to. I am sure that you will have a wonderful time.

  3. Thank you Milton, by the way, Bugsy and Lilly send their love, and say don't worry about doggies on your patch. We have visits from Ben Dog and Henry Choc Lab, and all is harmony here in Pussingham Palace.

    Scotland is next on the list, I don't fancy the midges though. My sister and her hubby are going up there for five weeks with the caravan. She says they are going on a ferry but I'm not sure where to.

  4. I have just found your blog and can tell that I am going to really enjoy following it.

    I would recommend Scotland too. The West Coast is spectacularly beautiful.

    I found your blog whilst re-starting blogging myself. I wonder if you would add me to your blogroll?

  5. Ilona,

    If you want to visit the east coast around the East lothian area, send me a message, there is a bed here.......lots of walking and hills to climb and Edinburgh not far away.

  6. your tesco vouchers can be used for YHA stays too, this sounds so exciting, can wait to read your blog to see how your travels go :)

  7. Lucky old you, I would love to go to the Scilly Isles, I followed the programme religiously each week and know the characters inside out, in fact the Rev David has moved to the church just down the road from my friend in Wales, how's that for a coincidence. I felt like writing the the church for uprooting him like that, just for a few grumpy's.
    Can't wait for your pictures of the place, just know you will take loads.
    Great blog as usual.

  8. Looks like Scotland will be next then, I want to see as much of our beautiful country as possible, and hopefully meet some smashing characters. Silver Sewer I might take you up on that kind offer.

    I forgot to mention that Frugal Queen has invited me to her house while I am down there, you never know, I might get to taste her wonderful cooking, bet you are all jealous. I'll let you know my final plans near the date, but I do know I am going to Monkey World. I have wanted to go there ever since I saw it on television, and it is one of the charities I support.

  9. You will love Lullworth Cove, and actually all the pionts of call. Very good joice of stop-offs. Lands End has some fab scenery, just try to avoid all the commercialism that`s sprung up down there. I used to walk along the coastal footpath between Landsend and Sennen Cove barfooted, about 25 years ago, while living down there. It`s so changed. Health and safty regulations have gone mad and prevent you from stepping out by the side of the pathways, now. I revisited 4 years ago and again last September. Can you imagine, I used to pick wild mint along these pathways, to have as refreshing tea at night. I could not find any traces of the mint anywhere last September, but found far too much rubbish strewn amongst the rocks. It saddens me to see our beautiful countryside clattered with litter. - Enough of the harping on. Hope you will enjoy your holiday. Can`t wait to see the pics.

  10. Sarina, the last time I went to Lulworth Cove was many years ago, in a 38 ton lorry. Honestly, you would not think you could get an articulated truck down those narrow roads, but you can. Thank goodness they have a big coach park at the end, just before you fall into the sea. Ha ha.

    Maybe I should take my litter picking stick with me.


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