Friday, 23 April 2010

What is the world coming to!

I nipped into town this morning on my way to the Lincolnshire Wolds, I needed to pay a bill at the bank. The shopping centre was busy. I'm not sure if it qualifies as a shopping centre though, it's more like a covered over mall, just one walkway through it, with some temporary stands down the middle. There's a florist who seems to be taking up more and more space, and a bloke selling Sky TV, who's always chatting on the phone and never seems to have any customers.

I see there's a new stand today. Two young girls are manning it who are dressed up to the nines, with makeup so thick it might crack if they smile, and hair that is laquered so much it looks like a helmet you can take off. They stand there pouting, with their chesticles popping out, hoping to catch a few punters off guard.

What are they selling? A poster asks two questions, Do you smoke? Do you want to save money? If the answer is yes to both, they then urge you to buy a packet of amazing electronic cigarettes. They look like the real thing apparently, and no one can tell the difference. Do people really buy these things? Have they gone totally bonkers? They buy the substitutes, but still have to go outside into the smoking shelters. They want to save money but they still spend it on this hairbrained idea.

I think I must be missing something here, surely the best way to save money is not to smoke at all. And why would anyone want to be seen 'pretend' smoking, when everyone knows smoking is bad for your health, makes you stink, and will probably kill you. People who want to give up, and save money, can get help from the doctors surgery, they don't have to fall for this ridiculous gimmick. I am totally bewildered by this.

Just up the High Street I spotted another advertising board outside a new mobile phone shop. It was like an old fashioned blackboard, the words were written in chalk, 'New Kids Tariff'. Buy a new phone and get zillions of free texts, and hours of free calls. Blimey, I can just see our tiny tots with a mobile phone strapped to their heads walking around talking to themselves, while they try and use up all their free calls.

Think of all the money they can save by signing up for the Kids Tariff, they can spend it on 'pretend cigarettes', they'll look really grown up then, won't they. What is the world coming to! I can't keep up with all these modern ideas, I am beginning to sound like my mother.

Oh, I nearly forgot, I went a walk today, it was a lovely sunny day. Didn't take many photo's though, here is one of a horse. I did 15.16 miles, and not a cough or a phone call in sight ;o)


  1. the electronic cigarettes help you to stop smoking from what I am told. You change filters on it and they allow less and less until you are weaned off the cigarettes. Some say it works quite well. I wouldn't know for sure as I have never smoked. Oh, and you can choose what color you want the lit end to be...for those who want ot

  2. That is the daftest idea I've ever heard of! Just when I think things can't get any sillier!

  3. I wondered if that was the purpose of them, ladyhawthorne, but the way the posters were worded gives the impression you should use these to save money, presumably because they are cheaper than smoking real cigarettes. I will stop and chat to the girls next week, if they are still there, and get the whole story. It just struck me a stupid idea.


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