Monday, 21 June 2010

Some photo's I like

Not enough time to write a long post tonight. Henry is getting me up early so I am starting to fall asleep about 9pm, then we have to go out for the last walk. So a few quickie photo's.
It's the longest day today, so here are some shots I took of the sunset tonight.

The flowers on my potato plants are very pretty.

Grass growing on the edge of a field.

Weeds growing on the edge of a field.

Something growing in a field, ha ha. I love the colour.

Goodnight :-O zzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Thanks for popping by the blog and your very helpful comment, much appreciated x

  2. lovely sunset photo's, we saw the sunset too, at Scarborough, we went out for the day(see blog)
    Josie x
    ps) can I use one of them on my blog, then I've got sunrise and sunset on the longest day?

  3. Yes of course you can Josie, if you think they are good enough, help yourself. I took them looking over in your direction, towards Doncaster.


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