Friday, 20 August 2010

Can anyone shed some light on it

I have just got back from walking Henry choc lab, the last walk before bed time, and it amazed me how many people sit in their houses, watching television, with the lights on and the curtains wide open. Can someone tell me why people do that, are they showing off? Are they saying, 'look at us, we have got a gigantic flat screen TV, a leather sofa, and we are on our tenth bottle of wine'. How tacky, have people got no dignity?

I have to say though that it is mainly people in the bigger houses who like to put themselves and their possessions on show for anyone passing to see. There is a woman who lives round the corner and she puts her white fluffy dressing gown on at tea time, and sits on the sofa facing the window. I see her every time I walk by, and in the evening the light goes on and the curtains stay open. How embarrassing it is for everyone to know what you get up to in your lounge, some things are best kept private. My curtains are closed as soon as the light goes on, I wouldn't want everyone looking in on me.

Edited on Saturday morning. I've been thinking about this while I have been out with Henry. Maybe it will become the new frugal leisure activity. The rules are all those with curtains closed will make a flask, grab a camping chair, and walk the streets to find the most interesting window to look into. Instead of watching Coronation Street, you could find your own true life soap to watch, and wait for the drama to unfold.

Jane is right of course, you can do anything you like in your own home, I just think it is a bit odd if your window is in full view of the road.


  1. I cannot understand it either Ilona. I'm exactly like you. "Nowt so as queer as folk" my Dad use to say:) Have a lovely weekend♥

  2. I like to have the last of the daylight and leave the curtains open until it's quite dark, and then I only use lamps rather than the ceiling light. Given that I usually turn in before 10.30pm that means that my curtains are never closed during the summer and I have it that way because it's my house and that's the way I like it. Mind, I have no pavement going past my house so if there were passers-by staring in every night then I might change my mind.

  3. I don't have curtains on my front windows... only nets... very dense nets (lots of fabric) because the room is north facing and very dark and depressing... I want as much light as possible coming in. We live in a close and there is very little footfall going past the house... also once we are sat down you really cant see us... but you can see the tv if it is on. Where my son lives there are very few street lights and the houses are quite posh and you are right... all the lights on, no curtains shut and sometimes no people in the rooms either! lol!

  4. So you're the nosy woman who stares in at me! Are you unable to walk without swivelling your head to look in windows? I am perfectly entitled to sit in my dressing gown in my own house at whatever time of day I choose.

  5. This post made me laugh as I grew up with my mum being strict about drawing the curtains when the light went on as 'We don't want the whole street looking in'! I live in a flat, I'm not overlooked and no one goes past but I still put the blinds down once the light goes on!

  6. My lounge is always open to the full view of the passing people. Not because I like it...I hate it, but I am struggling like mad to ge the blinds finished lol. When I finish them (hopefully tomorrow) they will always be down before the light goes on. I never sit in there, I'm always at the back of the house in the conservatory. No blinds or curtains here either, but this time becasue I can't afford the two grand for the specialised blinds :o( Luckily though, we are not overlooked at the back at all.


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