Saturday 21 August 2010

Back massage needed, quick!

I've had a very hard day today, and I think I've done my back in. Walking big dogs that pull you along can be extremely tiring. When I walk Henry, I can use the halti on him which he hates and tries to pull off, or I can walk very fast to match my pace with his pace, which makes less stress on the arms and shoulders. I find walking fast the easier option. Mind you he has improved greatly over the last few months, he doesn't pull half as much as he used to.

We did a 7.30am walk for an hour , then at 11am my friend came round to help me walk Lady as well. Lady is not as big as Henry, but my goodness she can pull your arms out of their sockets. Graham her owner said she can walk miles on a long walk, but still pulls as much at the end as the beginning. We were walking for almost two hours, so both dogs had loads of excercise. Henry can go off the lead in safe places, but Lady can't, Graham said she would not come back, so it was a matter of hanging on to her.

I probably go a bit over the top with the dog walking, always making sure they get plenty of excercise and fun and games. It's terrible when some people can't be bothered to take their dogs out, I don't know why they have them. You wouldn't leave your grandma in an empty house all day on her own, so why should leaving a dog be any different. Me and henry went back to Lady's house at tea time to let her out into the garden. We stayed there for an hour and a half, and the two dogs were having a wonderful time playing together, I think Henry is smitten.

Anyway, my back has had a bit of a hammering today. This afternoon I was bending down clipping the grass round the edges with the shears, before I mowed the lawn and as I was leaning forward I felt something go. Now I have a dull ache just below my waist on the left side and I can't straighten up. I think I have pulled a muscle and I am hoping that after a nights sleep it will feel better. I'll try and take it easy tomorrow and take Henry where he can go off lead, got to get right for my hike next week, I'm wanting to do at least fifty miles. Toodle pip.


  1. Let me suggest some simple exercises for your back. Lay down on the floor. Stay on your back and pull the knees towards your chest. Gently rocking up and down the spine by holding onto your knees tightly, will gently manipulate all your misplaced discs back between your spinal bones. I`m sure you have slightly popped one out of place by bending forward when you were
    clipping the grass. Be careful when doing those exercises. If anything does not feel right, it`s best to let things settle for a few days before you also attemt anymore dog walking. Hope you feel better soon. Pop a hot water bottle against your back when you go to bed, tonight. This will also ease any discomfort.

  2. Try having a pocketful of dry dog food when you take out a pulling dog and reward him each time he is at your side, even if he's only there for a moment. He'll soon grasp that if he walks next to you instead of in front he gets a treat. Try it - it's surprisingly easy to amend bad habits in dogs if you can be patient and persistant.

  3. I agree it is very silly to have a dog and not walk it. We have a small dog but he still goes out at least three times a day - at least one of those walks is a long one... some people we know with little dogs dont walk them at all because they think their legs are too short and the dogs tire easily! Fergus is lazy and doesn't like to walk so often but once he gets out he enjoys it... and I think it is good for his muscles to be regularly exercised and it also means he can have a few extra treats without the risk of getting fat!

    Do be careful of your back... don't over do things until it is totally healed or you could set yourself back for weeks!

  4. I did exactly the same when walking my dog. I got some pain relief gel from the chemist. It was the best £2.99 I've ever spent!


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