Monday 30 August 2010

Arts and gardens

I've been getting a lot of dried up brown leaves falling off the bottom of this plant. I had to move it a couple of years ago because it was near to the dining room window, and it was growing that quick it was starting to block the light out. It now sits in the middle of the garden and is over seven feet tall. The new leaves sprout from the top and the old ones fall off the bottom.

It's such a shame to throw them away.

Why not paint them I thought, and see what they look like. I have a lot of these little pots of paint, they cost me 4p each from Woolys, when they were closing down. So I picked out five colours and did four leaves in each colour.

And ended up with this. My first thought was to return them to the garden, but they really need to be in a heavy pot because they are top heavy and they might blow over in the wind.

Then I stuck them into a bush in the front garden. They would look rather eye catching here and passers by could see my work of art.

Or maybe I could put them on top of my shoe rack in the front porch.

I haven't made my mind what to do with them yet, but I'm leaning towards the idea of the front garden, then I could make some more crafty sculptures with natural materials, and have my own exhibition. :o)


  1. Hi - first comment from me (near Brisbane Australia) .... just love your blog - your sense of humour and enthusiasm. Great photos of your last walk and I'm pleased to see that youth hostels are still as I remember them - and accessable to those over 18.

  2. Wonderfully arty! I like the idea of the front garden art gallery!!

  3. Those leaves look terrific! I think they're Yucca.

  4. The leaves look great, where do you get your ideas from, very creative x

  5. Super Creative! You are so zany. I am learning new vocabulary from you all the time.

  6. These are just Brilliant. Reminds me of decorations you see during the World Cups or Olympics. Maybe you can make us some for London 2012 :-)


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