Tuesday, 31 August 2010

War against cat and dog hairs, and I'm losing

Aha, I see we have a new commenter amongst us, welcome Wendy from near Brisbane. Our little gang meets here once a day for a bit of banter, please join in. I think it's best not to take life too seriously, I like a bit of a larf.

No, I'm not doing a bit of decorating, this is how my three piece suit normally looks. I've just had a blitz, a mad moment with the Dyson, pull it all out, clean behind it and recover with fresh sheets. Underneath is a perfectly nice and comfy almost new settee and chairs which I bought for £50 nearly three years ago from my friend Annette who emigrated. It has been covered up ever since to keep the cat and dog hairs off it.

I don't actually need all these places to sit down, I can only sit in one chair at a time, and that is either my computer chair, my dining room table chair, or my sewing machine on the other table chair. Nobody ever comes to visit me, aaaah shame.

As you can see, a very nice chair, now going to cover it up.

Glad you like the painted leaves, I've just thought of another idea, I'm off to paint some twigs. I dug a couple of bushes up the other day, I wonder what they would look like with a lick of paint. They need chucking really but there might be a way to give them a new lease of life ;o)


  1. You can immediatley tell an animals lovers home, the minute you walk in- the throws are a dead giveaway :-)

  2. Hi Ilona, I know what you mean about losing the battle against pet hairs. Sometimes I think my dogs should be bald the amount of hairs I hoover up! Jane xx


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