Sunday, 8 August 2010

Second Hand Rose

I've been bimbling this morning, I love that word bimbling. According to the Urban Dictionary, bimbling is to 'wander in a happy but slightly disengaged state, though with some harmless or ineffective intent.' That's me alright, bimbling through life :o)

It was a lovely morning and I was up at 6am, so after my branflakes I went off to the car boot sale at the football ground for a bimble. I was on the look out for some heavy fabric to make some more shopping bags. I bought a pair of curtains from the RSPCA charity shop the other day for £2, with the intention of making bags, but when I got them home I thought I might keep them as curtains as they are in such good condition and very thick.

Anyway, I didn't find anything suitable for bags today, but what I did find was a fantastic pair of boots, they were only £4, and they are like new. Yippeeeee.

Look at those brilliant soles, like the tread on a new tyre.

They are actually steel toecap work boots, but they will be fine for my dog walking and rambling in the winter. Although I am a size five, and they are a size six, I need the extra width to accommodate my bunions, with an extra pair of socks they fit perfectly. What a bargain.

I also found a nearly new jigsaw puzzle for my friend Sue. One thousand pieces, and the picture is hundreds of cat faces, a bargain for £1. My other finds were a large new plastic cutlery tray for 50p, this will be ideal for all my fiddly crafty bits and pieces, a couple of necklaces for 30p each, I will used the beads for other things. A couple of belts for 10p each, and a cat ornament for Sue for 30p. Oh, I also found two sets of sleepwear, shirt and shorts, for 20p each. They so pretty with cat motiffs on the front.

So all in all, a good morning. You can get everything you need at a car boot sale, if you were moving into a new house for the first time, you could get all your kitchen stuff, pots and pans, cutlery and crockery, curtains and bed covers. If you are having a baby or have a small child, you can get all the stuff you need, bath, clothes, toys and books. You can get decent clothes and shoes for yourself for a pound or two, and it's a great way of recycling.

I don't know why people pay full price at shops anymore. A story in our local paper tells of people signing a petition to stop our Marks and Sparks from closing down. Why are they bothering, let it close I say, we don't need it. Now if they turned it into a big charity shop, that would be great.


  1. Fechting boots....
    Mind you don't kick anybody with those...

    Bimbling, I think, is what I tend to do....

  2. Thats a bit weird, I have just started a jigsaw, 1000 pieces, but dogs faces :D
    I agree, car boots and charity shops are the way to go, I haven't stepped foot in Marks for a good 10 years. My Mum always says (about the prices) "I wouldn't encourage 'em". LOL

  3. You`re lucky that the weather was good enough for the car boot sale, Ilona - it`s been raining all week here in the North West. What happened to summers? God, I sound like my mum - I remember when! Congrats on all the `finds`.

  4. Boot fares are the way to go! When I first moved into my council house, 1990 I furnished it with seconhand bits and bobs. Still have most of it now. This day and age it`s even more necessary for young families to be thrifty and money wise, I think.

  5. Bimbling is my new word of the day!!

    I love car boot sales too only there aren't so many where I live. Them boots were a bargain. I agree with everything you said though i'm always weary of buying used puzzles in case 1 peace was missing would drive me crazy haha


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