Sunday 22 August 2010

Singing the praises of village life

Thank you for your concerns about my back, with a few of Sarina's stretching excercises, and a good nights sleep, it doesn't feel too bad this morning. Henry still needs his morning walk though, but it's very handy to live at the end of a short street which leads to the back of the church and onto the hills and woods. He can bimble along off the lead.

It's a glorious morning, I thought I would share a few photo's of our lovely village, I think you can see why I like to litter pick round here, why should the few thoughtless people spoil it for the majority.

Henry loves the woods.

Down the lane past the caravan park. we have an award winning very picturesque caravan park here, it's quite busy today, a few campers in the adjoining field as well.

Round the corner to the bottom pub. The Ferry House is the 'bottom pub', the Sheffield Arms being the 'top pub'. The lovely willow tree in the pub garden next to the river.

Walking back up Stather hill, the views over the fishing pond and the River Trent beyond are fabulous.

My apologies for posting three photo's of this view, but it is truly beautiful.

Back into the village, time to sit on a bench on the green for a few minutes and watch the world go by.

This is our Christmas tree. In the past we have been errecting a large tree for our decorations, and it was decided we should grow our own, a lot more eco friendly. After a few years of waiting for it to grow, it might be ready this Christmas to dress it for the first time, I hope so.

A view of the High Street, Angela and Phil's B & B on the right, with the Sheffield Arms on the bend at the bottom.

The village shop, newsagent, off licence and provisions. It gets quite busy, this morning people are picking up their Sunday papers.

Just round the corner from the pub is the little road into the car park, with the old vicarage just ahead.

It is also the back gate to the church, people are arriving for the morning service.

Behind the church are the Church Mews, a courtyard of tastefully renovated terraced cottages.

This is the front entrance to the church, looking through the gate which is to the left hand side of the pub.

Graham the gardener does a fantastic job of keeping the lawns tidy.

The pathway at the back of the church has been tidied as well, I saw an elderly gentleman doing this the other day. We have some caring people in this village who look after things voluntarily.

The rear of the church, Graham was out strimming the long grass around the gravestones the other day.

This small grave alongside the wall is by itself with one other nearby. It is the grave of a baby a few days old. I walk past this point most days, and one day it appeared. The sight of this fresh grave, with no headstone, brought tears to my eyes, as I read the cards left with the flowers and cuddly toys. It was such an emotional sight to come across when I wasn't expecting it.
Over the last three years that the grave has been here, someone visits it often. They light a tee light in a little metal lantern and hang it on the wall, and they change the toys, replacing the faded ones with bright new ones. God rest little Declan, you will never be forgotten.

I know I keep harping on about it, but Burton upon Stather is just lovely.


  1. What a fantastic place you live in!

  2. Oh I am so happy I found you linking around .hubby and I are paring down and it is going kind of rocky but we want it to work you note book idea and inspiration and will help !! to the easier life less consumerism less debt and less stress .may we live long, well and prosper

  3. Oh what a perfect village to live in, I'm very envious:) I was wondering the name of the village and was happy to read you wrote the name at the end of your post. I've never heard of it so I will google and find out which part of the Country it is. Declan was a very much loved little baby wasn't he and it a reminder of just how precious life is♥ Pleased to hear you back is much better. Take care


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