Sunday, 12 December 2010

Back soon

Hello, I'm still here, at my uncle's that is. Borrowing a friends computer. I had to come because the house was broken into while they were both in hospital, and the police said it isn't a good idea to leave it empty, in case the burglers came back. So I have been house sitting and looking after the cat. I'll be back soon, thinking of you xxxxxxx


  1. Ooooo..Been thinking of you:) Was a bit worried when you had to dash off so quickly:)
    Take care being there on your own Ilona..Have you got a dog with you?....Big stick?.....spray bottle?.....Just take care.
    Sending healing, happy, safe thoughts to you all.
    Donna x

  2. I can't believe their bad luck, bless them. I dispair of humanity when I hear about this kind of thing.Take care Ilona x

  3. sorry to learn they are in hospital. so nice that you're able to do this for them. what would we do without family, eh?

  4. Oooo do take care....and send the oldies best wishes, I supose this bloggin malarky is beyond their ken, but lets just hope they have a speedy recovery. Its no fun getting older is it....what would they do without you!

    Hope someone is taking care of your place.

    Vicky x

  5. What a rotten thing to happen while they were in hospital!
    Your uncle and aunt must be so relieved to know that you are there and taking care of things.

  6. Hi Ilona! I have been thinking of you and praying for your loved ones. May everything return to normality soon for all of you.

    Hope not too much damage was done to the property and I am sure you are guarding it well. At this point the character Kevin in the movie 'Home Alone (in New York)' springs to mind: Like Kevin did, I hope you have set up lots of booby traps to knock the rotters out if they return! Failing that, feel free to use the largest frying pan, you are a strong lady! :)

    Take care! It's good that you have the cat for company. Poor cat, it must be bewildered and wondering what is going on. XXXX

  7. while you are there who is looking after your house? My neighbour two doors up was burgled at just the same time as your aunt and uncle... they were away too... its scary... makes you not want to go away ever!


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