Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Back to the grindstone

Thanks for looking after the joint while I've been away. I've come back to almost as much snow as when I left, most of the village is still covered.

I've handed my uncles house over to his son and girlfriend, and another son is coming at the weekend, so kitty wont be lonely. They are getting a burgler alarm fitted. There wasn't too much damage, and not much taken, but once they get a sniff of an easy grab they will come back. Luckily they didn't while I was there. Aunty Pat used her laptop a lot, but now it has been stolen.

No one seems to know how long they will be in hospital, I saw uncle yesterday and he is very tired. Conversations are brief because he keeps nodding off, so a ten minute visit is all he can manage. Aunty is going to need heart surgery so she will be a while recovering. They are a very much loved couple, with loads of friends, I took lots of phone calls from people asking how they were.

I may go back again for a few days if they need me. It is a worry when you have to leave your house, I have friends and neighbours here that look out for me. They come and feed the cats. One of the reasons why I will not have expensive stuff in the house, is that there is nothing worth pinching. I have nothing of great value, lots of second hand furniture, a cheap radio, no fancy gadgets. In fact I am going to keep on decluttering untill I have the bare minimum. Less stuff means less to worry about.

I still haven't heard from the insurance company about my cheque, I must ring them tomorrow. I haven't found a car yet but I have a good idea of what I want. I am wondering when they are going to take this BMW back, it must be costing someone a fortune.

Aahhh well, better do some tidying up, I left a load of dirty pots on the worktop, I left in such a hurry. I did the housework at uncle's house. You know I hate housework, but it doesn't seem such a chore when it is someone elses house.


  1. they might want to change any passwords they had to things on the internet in case it was stored in the laptop..

  2. Glad to have you back Ilona. You're right as usual, the more expensive stuff we have, the more of a worry leaving the house empty. I'm pleased that there is someone to take over from you now.

  3. Good wishes for their speedy recovery. Isn`t it a shame that our society has elements that will take advantage of someone not being at their home. Brake-ins are hard to take at any time, but when your loved ones are in hospital this must hit relatives even harder. And all this so short of Christmas, too.

  4. Glad it wasn't too awful, though just the thought of someone being in your home like that can be quite traumatic. I know what you mean about doing someone elses housework - guess it's the novelty of cleaning a different place... Welcome back.

  5. Glad you are back and that your joint is safe and that the cats haven't been stolen (in London even animals aren't safe from burglars!).

    I continue to wish your Uncle and Aunty a full recovery. Nice to know that their home continues to be looked after.


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