Thursday, 30 December 2010

I'll catch up with that later

I've been skiving off a bit over the last couple of weeks, watching tele on the computer. I am so pleased that I haven't got a real tele, because it would be so easy to switch it on and sit in front of it the whole day. I would spend ages looking through the TV guide and working out my viewing timetable, and everything else would have to fit in around the box in the corner of the room. I know I would not be able to switch it off because I would want to get my money's worth from the licence fee. My mentality would tell me to watch everything because I have paid for it.

Most of the time I am pretty good on the willpower, I have loads most of the time. Like not switching on the heating willy nilly, not pigging out on cakes and biscuits, and not giving in to sales blurb. I can give myself a good talking to about the consequences if I should step out of line, and then feel good about myself because I have fought and won. Saying 'no' becomes easier the more you say it.

But with a tele, the temptation is always there to switch it on. It sit's there leering at you, winking and smiling, 'go on, you know you want to'. That is why I didn't want a central heating system that works, too easy to flick the switch. I am pleased to report that I am winning that battle, even though the government has fixed it for me. I am sitting here wrapped up in three teeshirts, two sweatshirts, two jog bottoms, jacket and scarf, and I haven't switched it on because it is warm enough without today.

But where tele's are concerned I am hopeless, so it's best if I don't have one. I can still watch Coronation Street, the only soap I have ever followed, even if it means catching up several days later. I have just watched a couple of programmes about Ronnie Corbet, a wonderfully funny man, and still funny even though he has lost his partner Ronnie Barker, and is now 80 years old. I like a bit of comedy, a good laugh does you the world of good, but I didn't laugh much at the new comedy with David Walliams and Matt Lucas, 'Come Fly With Me,' or something like that. A little bit tacky I thought.

For a little bit of light hearted entertainment I like Heartbeat, or Graham Norton if he has an interesting guest. Travel programmes are my favourite, especially if they are about places in the UK. Good for ideas for places to visit. I like being able to watch what I like, when I like, I'm in charge, and I like that. Now the tele programmes fit in with me.


  1. Hi Ilona,
    We also do not have a tele, people are astonished when we tell them and the tv license people are always sending letters threatening us with a visit. lol.
    we watch all we want to on the i player or itv watch again and even then are hard pressed to find anything worth watching sometimes.
    We also take out dvd's from the library to watch on the odd occasion.
    Anyway,we wish you a happy, peaceful new year with lots of bargains.....

  2. "But where tele's are concerned I am hopeless, so it's best if I don't have one."
    We have just celebrated our 5th month without a TV and I coudnt be happier. We just arent disciplined enough, not to put in on for the sake of it.
    We are enjoying the radio and reading more than ever before and are quite content. So I agree with you Ilona,TV is not a "must have".
    Happy New Year from the Squat.

  3. How joyfull to read those first two comments, Kath and crafty cat corner have both seen the light. Life without a tele is bliss. I agree, sometimes I struggle to find anything to watch on the iplayer or ITV and Channel 4 catch ups.

  4. We haven't had a TV set at home for the past 4 years now. Just like all of you, couldn't be happier! Plus we have discovered freedom to watch what we want on the computer and we do it when it is convenient for us; not when it's time.
    PS, your blog is really interesting. ;)

  5. I do have a tv and tend to watch films mainly in the evening. I do enjoy a good film. You are very good. I enjoyed your resolutions too.
    I think we can all relate to certain things xx


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