Wednesday, 29 December 2010

My promise to me

The time has come to think about the start of a brand new year. Do I or don't I make some New Year resolutions? Shall I sit down with a pen and paper and put a few ideas down, maybe give up chocolate, walk ten miles every day, do more housework, or save the planet and use my bus pass rather than drive? Decisions, decisions.

What would improve my life? Spend more money, buy new stuff, get drunk every night, go out dancing, to the pub, eating out, fly around the world, go to a beauty parlour, stay in posh hotels, join a golf club, take up gliding, have the house re-decorated and re-carpeted, get the driveway block paved, employ a cleaner, or buy a flash car? Decisions, decisions.

None of the above.

My New Years resolution is to look after my health, simple as that, and by health I mean mental as well as physical. I will eat the right foods to give my body the best chance of a long life, if I fall ill it won't be because I have neglected myself. I want to stay fit for as long as possible, so that I can continue my walking around the UK, there are so many more places to see.

I will not worry about trivial things, I will not get angry, and I will not let people upset me, if they have a problem it isn't mine. I will not be jealous of people that have more than me, because I know I am very rich. I have my friends, and my lovely cats, and the company of my doggy friends who come to visit.

Every day is a blessing, and I am gratefull for every minute that I am here. As I get older I hear about people that I have known who are no longer with us. I think of my brother who died this year, at age 59. I think of people who are not well, and I say thank you for every new day.

Look after yourself because you are the only one who can do it.

Cheers to your good health.


  1. this is my goal this year to , to look after my mental and physical wellbeing , not just for me but i have 3 children dependant on me, it is not just about loosing weight but beign healthy

  2. Ilona, my deepest condolences to you on the loss of your dear brother. May he rest in peace, released from any pain he may have been in.

    I have a brother who is 1 and a half years older than me (49 1/2) who I am very close to and I dread the thought of him dying. I worry a lot about him because he eats too much fried and fatty stuff and little healthy stuff and he likes to drink beer every day (but not to excess)! As you say, our health is in our own hands. I can only advise him and hope he will take better care of himself.

    The priority for all of us should be our health. The UK is officially the nation of fattest people in Europe and obesity leads to other health complications!! I don't know how but I must cut down on butter and cream! :(

    We are all familiar with the sayings ''Your health is your wealth'' and ''You are what you eat''.

    I wish you and everybody who is reading your blog continued good health, Ilona, in 2011 and beyond!

  3. Well said Ilona, I hope the new Year brings everything you wish for.

  4. A great idea for the new year...something I'm planning on doing myself...I admire your devotion to a simpler life...

  5. Here's to you Ilona!

    I feel just the same I may only be 38, but i'll be 40 before you know it! time to lose weight and get my finances sorted once and for all and hopefully 2011 will see me back on the property ladder!

    So as always Ilona I hope I remain as resolute as you, as always you truly are an Inspiration!

    Hope you had a good christmas, and wishing you a happy amd prosperous new year!


  6. Today in 2018 I've got so much out of this post. Thank you so much.


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