Sunday, 26 December 2010

Normal service will be resumed......

Now we enter the waiting period, waiting for everyone who jumped on the band wagon, to jump off again. The period between Christmas and New Year might as well be cancelled. It's chilly outside, dangerous to walk in some places, and dangerous to drive in others. Best not take a chance, best to stay local.

Everything is quiet today, is that because my hearing aid has broken, or are people still in a deep sleep, or maybe nursing hangovers? Where is everybody? Perhaps they are at Tesco or Morrisons, or in town, scrambling through piles of sales stuff. Now is the time to buy presents for next Christmas, that's if you are going to hop back onto the band wagon again in twelve months time.

I remember when Christmas and New Year were two seperate holidays, and never the twain shall meet. Now they have merged into one big period of idleness, when people are not required or can't be bothered to go about their daily business. When I was driving I always volunteered to work over Christmas and New Year. I remember sleeping in my lorry on a night out, somewhere down south, on New Year Eve. I have always loved working when everyone else wasn't. Nights, weekends, bring it on, one of the joys of singleness.

Businesses now shut up shop for the long holiday, it saves on heating and chasing people up who throw a sickie. I wonder if this enforced period of inactivity is welcomed by all. Maybe it's just me that doesn't enjoy life in the slow lane, crawling along untill we have passed the obstruction. I was never any good at traffic jams ;-)

Anyway, I have been busy this morning, I thought I'd make a start on the spring cleaning. Done the windows and scrubbed the bathroom. Now I'm going to wash my hair, have a bite to eat, then pop round the corner to a friends house for a little socialising. Happy Boxing Day.

Ten minutes later........I think I ought to add a PS here, in case people take this the wrong way and think I am having a go at them. I don't mean that each and everyone of you have jumped on the Christmas bandwagon. There are many millions who love Christmas because it means getting together with friends and family, all well and good if you choose to celebrate in this way.

The bandwagon I was talking about is the one which people are drawn into because everyone else around them have joined in. I would much rather people thought why they are doing it, and if they don't want to, stand up and say so. How miserable it is to traipse round the shops and put yourself through hell, just to keep up. And what about the hell you find yourself in, in January, when your credit card statement comes through! It just isn't worth it.

Shops are muggers at Christmas, they prey on the vulnerable, they prey on people who worry about what others think of them. The bigger and better the present, the more they must like me. Ha, cobblers. People like you for who you are. If they like you for what they can get from you, they are not nice people. Money does not impress me one iota.

Crikey, where did that come from! Just had to get it off my chest ;o)


  1. Well said! I agree with your idea of people having to like you for who and what you are.
    I like to give presents at Christmas that actually mean something to the person I give it to. I never spend an awful lot on the items itself. Some is handmade and should bring joy just for that reason. It`s the sentiment it`s given with, not the amount spent in money that counts. Friends and family know that too, and they apreciate what`s given, not how much is given or how much it had cost me to acquire it for them. Sharing your time and having the time to listen to others is often far more valuable. Enjoy your socializing!

  2. I heartily agree! i am bored stiff...too cold to do much outside...and I dont do 'shopping' at all if I can help it! I life to get back to normal, can dowith this hanging around.
    I vowed to do something positive and occupy myself today, so I am sat sewing some simple teatowels from an old bit of fabric. Not wildly exciting but its keeping me busy and I feel i have achieved something.

    Keep warm x Vicky x

  3. I do feel sorry for the people that work in the shops. I don't know if they still get double time for boxing day or any of the other holidays, but they don't get much of a break.
    Here in France the only day classed as a holiday is the 25th, there is no Boxing day. So as Christmas day was a Saturday everyone is back to work as normal on Monday; although a lot of the factories have shut down for a week


  4. Merry Boxing Day!

    (I am actually at work. It's great!)


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