Monday, 27 December 2010

Up half the night!

I am so glad I didn't over indulge over Christmas. I have to be so carefull about what I eat, winter stodge feels like a lump of lead inside me, then it gurgles it's way through my innards giving me a painfull bloated feeling. That's why I kept my shopping to a minimum, and didn't buy anything too exotic.

But.......I let my guard down. Last night I didn't sleep very well. I had a lovely time socialising at my friends house, they made me very welcome. The spread she laid out looked mouth watering, there was so much choice. It was very tempting to throw caution to the wind and pile my plate high, why shouldn't I indulge, it's Christmas.

However, common sense prevailed and I chose a few items which I thought would go down nicely with a couple of glasses of wine. Salad, a few prawns, couple of pieces of posh cheese, a pickled onion, fine so far. Then a buttered white bread roll, big mistake, white bread is like cotton wool and not good for me, there was no wholemeal :o( I asked Karen which was veggie and she pointed out some little vol-au-vent type thingies, so I took two, and one veggie not sausage roll thingy. A few bread sticks and a spoon of dips on the lettuce, and it looked fine. Not too much just a normal buffet meal.

Pudding was a piece of chocolate sponge cake, well you have to don't you :o) Ok, I own up, I had two pieces of cake. My goodness did I suffer last night. Woke up at 2.30am in agony, feeling like I'd got the rock of Gibralter stuck in my guts. Laid there thinking go away, I'm not getting up, and tried to go back to sleep. After an hour I turned on my side and at last I got some relief, my rock of Gibralter errupted then made it's way through.

I don't like taking medication if my condition is all my own fault. Seems daft to me to stuff your face with the wrong food then take a pill or medicine to relieve the agony. Note to self.....must be more carefull, don't let my eyes do the eating, think before I put something in my mouth. It was the stodge which caused my discomfort, slapped wrist, don't do it again, ha ha.


  1. Well, we let you off. It only happens once a year. But, you are quite right. We could all do with a bit more caution on the consuming of too much food(myself included). I`m already looking forward to more salads after the New Year.

  2. Oh dear! What a shame when the food sounds delicious. I hope you get a better night tonight!

    Not too much rich food here, apart from too many chocolates.......

  3. Bad luck Ilona, but at least you didn't eat any of this guy's pumpkin pie. That would have killed you!! Sing along now! Enjoy the holidays! :)

  4. I can totally sympathise having spent the wee small hours cleaning the kitchen and baking bread because I couldn't sleep and my stomach was gurgling away like a good 'un. Not too painful but definitely a reminder not to indulge so much - trouble is, if you are at someone elses house it can be rude not to appreciate the food - that's my excuse anyway. :-) seasons greetings to you.


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