Monday, 17 January 2011

An advert

Forgot to say, I picked the car up today, and I am very pleased with it. Lee was there to greet me, and very kindly filled the tank up for me. It had two new wheel trims on and it was all polished up. Tomorrow I will give it another polish, must look after it. I will have a little play with it, familiarise myself with all the knobs and buttons, and put some carpet on the floor. I have some offcuts that will look very nice.

So if anybody is looking for a car to buy, go and see Lee at Perry's, Wheatley Hall Road, Doncaster, and I am sure he will do you a good deal. There is loads of choice, and if your car is not on the forecourt, Lee can get it for you. This is an advert by the way.

Lee Caffrey at Perry's, Doncaster
(Tell him I sent you)


  1. I'll have to tell my sisters - they live near Retford.

  2. My car is from Perry's of Doncaster! Enjoy your new car, Ilona you deserve it, despite what some people may say. I might just say that the 'negative' poster completely missed the point of what you (and i!)do-i.e being frugal with the things which are less important to have the things that are more important.

  3. Are you on commission Ilona? think of the extra pennies that could be had if you were. lol

  4. Yes CCC, ha ha, but I wouldn't send anyone to see Lee if I thought he was horrible.


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