Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Jobs done, shopping, and excercise

I've been a bit busy today. As soon as I'd had breakfast I went off down the hill with my saw, to cut down those two thick branches overhanging the path, wanted to get that job out of the way. I took a bag with me as well, and my second favourite litter picking stick, as my best one met a sticky end yesterday. I thought I might as well clear the verges while I am down there.

I haven't done this bit of road for a couple of months and there was loads about, I had to offload two bag fulls into the bins. look what I fished out of the hedge bottom, a bright plastic bucket, it's cleaned up lovely, I might plant something into it. I also found a five pence coin, I always manage to see them even though they are filthy. My wages, ha ha.

I had a phone call on the mobi, the company who does the charity collections asked me if I could pick up the plastic bags, and they would send someone to collect them in two weeks. Blimey, more work to do. Again I had my hands full, so I went home, and came back out again with a bin bag to do the job.

After lunch I thought I will get a bike ride in this afternoon, it will be a good idea to check out how long it takes to cycle to Tesco and back, it's six miles each way. I want to find alternative ways of shopping, not use the car for too many local journeys, and save the fuel for longer days out. I took the back lane out of the village, along the top of the wood. The road is in a terrible mess where the machines have been cutting down the trees. I don't know why they are doing this, I have seen deer in and around the woods, I suppose they have disappeared now, such a shame.

Here I am, arrived at Tesco. I have a bag on my carrier, I might as well see if there are any bargains while I am here.

Here is my swag, it only just fit in the bag, I'm gonna need some panniers if I do this regularly.

Everything is reduced, I'll give you a breakdown.
2 bags of sprouts, normally 75p a bag, now 55p
organic leeks, normally £1.65, now 45p
pancakes, normally 29p, now 14p
2 packets of 4 teacakes, normally 39p a packet, now 19p
Burgen soya and linseed bread, normally £1.20, now 60p
Staffordshire oatcakes, normally 75p, now 38p
2 packets organic spinach, normally £1.50 a packet, now 39p
Cost of shopping £3.83. Normal price £9.17. A saving of £5.34.
And it didn't cost me anything to collect it, just pedal power. A good way to keep fit methinks.
I'm pleased with my goodies. This food along with some I have left from last week, will tide me over till next week.


  1. Wow what bargains Ilona, never get nothing like that here. Well my dear you are famous in Australia. Last night on our ABC1 (equivalent to BBC1) they aired a programme called "The hunt for the tightest person in Britain" and yes one of my favourite bloggers had a starring role:) What a great programme and you were absolutely marvellous, loved your sense of humour, you were always smiling and not taking life too seriously. In my eyes being frugal isn't the same as being tight. You have a heart of gold which comes across in your posts. You were delightful to watch (even DH mentioned about you always having a smile). Had to laugh though at the 2 or 3 pieces of toilet roll, don't think we can follow your example on that one. I wasn't able to view your last link as it came up unavailable here. Whoops sorry for the long post but thought you would get a little thrill about being shown Downunder. ♥ Linda xxxxxx

  2. Great luck with the bargains - I often go later in the afternoon but I think they hide the bargains now!! You never did say how long it took to cycle to Tesco! I have recently purchased a bike for local journeys, but as I am still working full time, on the rare ocassions I could use it the weather is rubbish - well that's my excuse. Thank you for the blog - I do love to read it. Enjoy the car!

  3. Sorry Alison, it took me 40 minutes to get there, and 50 mins back, due to it being uphill and I had more weight on board.

  4. Linda, I am chuffed to little mint balls that I am famous in Australia. How fantastic is that, whoopeeee. Yes, I am always a smiley person, the simplest of things make me chuckle. I still do my '2 for a pee, 3 for a poo' routine, my toilet paper lasts ages, and guess what, I washed a full load of pants the other day, ha ha. Anyone who hasn't seen the programme will wonder what we are talking about. So pleased that you liked it.

  5. It was a hoot Ilona. We loved it. Just wondering if it was a one off? OK this morning I counted the sheets for a pee and it was 8:( My aim is to cut this in half (baby steps at first), I hate to admit it's rather thick paper as well! Yikes:( Lots of room for improvement though.

  6. great idea to cycle - what bargins - I jealous of the leeks - ours are SO expensive here in the midwest. We dont have many mark-downs either - wish they did.

  7. Ah, I have one of those buckets! They were 99p from Tesco's around Hallowe'en. I got mine two Hallowe'ens ago and use it to hold the pins for my clothesline...

  8. Well done for getting all those bargains at Tesco. Here in Tottenham, there are few bargains to be had due to the 60% of unemployed people in the area, many of whom seem to hang out all day at Tesco and snap up the bargains as soon as they are available. They are probably following your blog too :-) Yesterday there was such a scrum around the bargain shelf that I wasn't able to get in there, you need to be a rugby player to succeed! So I am currently buying Value brands, although I don't like the taste of some of the things which seem to be of inferior quality. Still, I reckon if I don't like the taste I will eat less and therefore lose more weight which is probably not a bad thing. Or I could take up rugby!

  9. Hi Ilona, Just out of interest, did you see this article from Mail online today?(it would appear we need 8 portions of fruit and veg a day to maintain maximum heart health). Are you getting enough?


  10. The leeks were definitely a bargain. We are harvesting them from our allotment at the moment, but I noticed that in Asda this week it was £1.97 for 3 leeks - not organic either! I don't buy any veg as I have a freezer full of homegrown, but it must be so expensive to feed a family their 5 a day if even the seasonal veg is an astronomical price.

  11. Hi Anna, I did see that, I think eight is a bit much though, doesn't give you time to eat much else, and I don't fancy veg for my breakfast.

  12. enviable snag...especially the veggies!

  13. just re-read your list of moneysaving ideas, for added inspiration. thx again, MQ. and guess you can add your pumpkin to your list of free things!


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