Monday, 17 January 2011

Death of a litter picking stick

You're gonna laugh at this :o) I've done a daft thing, my flippin bad memory, what a dumbo! I came back from litter picking the other day, it was dark. I usually keep my stick and bag up the back of the garden, I didn't want to fumble around in the dark and paddle on the wet grass, so for quickness I dropped them into the wheelie bin at the side of the house. I'll remove them tomorrow, I thought, when it's light.

You've guessed haven't you! The clue is in the title. I forgot to remove them, and now my stick has gone to the tip along with all the other rubbish from my street.

I stopped the lorry and asked the operatives if there was a chance it could be recovered, and was met with sniggers. Sorry, when it's gone it's gone, swallowed up, crushed to death :o(

Oh well, I have a spare, but it's not as good as the one the council gave me. Wonder if they could give me a replacement if I ask nicely?


  1. A curiously ironic demise. Ah well...

  2. I am sure they'll give you a replacement.

  3. If you diplomatic, sure they will!

  4. I should bloomin well hope so after all that you do for your community!
    Good that you have a psare, no matter the condition.
    Keep on smilin'!

    Sandie xx

  5. For all the work you do to keep the town looking clean, they should give you a gold-plated litter stick!! ~Liz


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