Saturday, 15 January 2011

A doggy tale

I have been worrying a lot lately.......about a scruffy little dog that seems to spend all it's time in it's own back garden. When the woman first moved in there was no fence around her garden and the little dog stayed within the boundaries even though it had the opportunity to run away. I thought, how cute, and made a fuss of him whenever I walked by.

I spoke to the woman a few times because she was new to our village, I wanted to make her feel welcome, but she didn't seem to want to engage in conversations. She told me her little dog is called Rocky.

Then she had a tall fence put up around her garden, and I could only catch a glimpse of Rocky through the narrow gaps between the wood. There is an alleyway, or snicket as we call them, alongside her garden, a path to walk through to the next street. Everytime I walk past I call Rocky and he comes to the fence. The gap is wide enough to push through some of those Bakers meaty chunks that you get in a box for £2.

In the summer she did take Rocky for a walk sometimes, but I haven't seen her out with him for ages. I haven't seen her teenage girls take him out either. Everytime I walk past, no matter what time it is, Rocky is always in the garden, or he comes out of the shed where he must have his bed.

This little scruffy dog has been on my mind, so today I went to the house with Henry choc lab, and asked if I could take Rocky out. I said, as I am already walking a dog, it would be no trouble to take another. The woman hesitated, then she said yes, and Rocky came out of his garden on his lead.

At first he was a bit worried that we were going away from his garden, but with a few bribes of meaty chunks, he soon got the idea that I was his friend. His little tail was wagging like crazy. We had an hour, the two dogs got on fine, and I got dragged along by both arms instead of one.

I did think about asking the woman if she would consider rehoming him, because I know someone who would love to give him a good home. I don't think he is being mistreated, it's just they think it's ok to leave a dog all day in the garden with the shed to sleep in. I am going to go back again and take him for more walks, at least he will get to see a bit of the outside world. Maybe they will take him out again in the summer. I might bring up the subject of re homing later, but for now I will just keep my eye on him.


  1. At least he is not chained up or abused, poor thing. I don't understand why people have pets if they are not going to be part of the family. I know he enjoyed the walk and attention:)

  2. It's funny you should say that, ladyhawthorne. Rocky isn't chained up, but in that very same garden about two years ago, there was a dog chained up. He was left for hours on his own with no water, and he wrapped himself round the post so his lead ended up three feet long. I did ring the RSPCA about that one, and they came to check.

  3. You have such a kind heart Ilona, you took a chance that the woman would rebuff you but thank goodness she didn't. I bet the little dog loved that long walk.

  4. That poor dog sounds traumatised by loneliness. Some folk just don't seem to grasp that dogs are sentient animals - they would all be better with ceramic dogs imho.

  5. You were taking a bit of a risk by aproaching the owner. You might also find that by offering your kind dead you might also burden yourself, eventually. The lady might feel that you are helping her avoid having to exercise the animal herself. She then would gladly take advantage of your further offerings. I had that happen to me once. Sometimes it`s better to distance oneself from those type of folk and just get the RSPCA to check on the animal`s wellfare.

  6. Good on you Ilona!
    I miss my little Bobby, but can't afford the cost of keeping a dog, however small at the moment. Bobby used to be taken out for walks and 'visit'his 4 Yorkie friends 2 doors away when I went out to work on long day shifts.
    He was such a little character, most people in the village knew him, he was so friendly.

    Sandie xx

  7. Good for you Ilona. Someone has to champion the underdog.

  8. You will make such a difference to this little dog`s life. I doubt if the RSPCA would do anything if he is fed, can run in his garden and has shelter, but a walk and some company from you and your dog will improve the quality of his life so much. Maybe it will encourage his owners to do the same?

  9. Do you know Dartford Warbler, when I got home with my new car this afternoon, who should come walking down the street but the woman and little Rocky. It must have pricked her conscience a little bit because that is the first time I have seen her walk him for several months. He was wagging his tale as he came to greet me. I noticed afterwards though that my hand was smelly from making a fuss of him, I think he needs a bath. Maybe that will come later when I have befriended her a bit more. I might pluck up the courage to mention it.


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