Saturday, 15 January 2011

Don't bank on it ;o)

Just while I think of it.........I was offered an overdraft at the bank yesterday........

and was absolutely horrified. I went to see about arranging payment for the car, because the garage said they will accept a bankers draft. After discovering that it will cost £15 for this service, I decided not to bother. I am not paying the bank for the priviledge of spending my own money. Then I asked the young lady behind the counter if I could pay for it with my debit card, she said yes, and got my account details up on her screen. I told her how much I would be spending, and she said the cheque from the insurance company hasn't been cleared yet.

The full amount won't be coming out of my bank account straight away because I will be paying £1,000 of it with my Tesco credit card, just to get the points. This will be paid later when the statement comes through.

Anyway, at that moment in time the balance in the account was a bit short to pay the bulk of it with the debit card. Are you following :o) Then she said, 'We can give you an interest free overdraft to bridge the gap. This woman obviously does not know me. I said, 'An overdraft, what's one of them, I have never had one in my life'. She sensed my alarm. 'Oh, it's quite easy', she said, 'It won't cost you anything'.

I replied, 'But it would be like spending someone elses money, I couldn't do that. I want to pay for the car with my money, I'd rather put the collection date back a couple of days untill the funds are there.'

Then she asked me when I was collecting it. When I said Monday, she said, 'Oh that's alright, the cheque will be cleared on Monday'. Phew!!!


  1. Even a temporary overdraft costs. If you have an agreed overdraft, Lloyds have started charging £5 a month on top of the interest they lump onto the account.

    It drives me mad when I get stuff through from the bank offering me this that and the other insurance, this week I have had house car and critical illness insurance offers come through the door. I wish I could do without the Bank, sending you rubbish is how they waste your money and they have the cheek to pay their employees millions in bonus for sending you offers for something you do not want......crazy isn't it!!

  2. It is lucky that that side of life passes us by ! When I last bought a car I put $5,000 on my frequent flyer credit card which of course I pay off every month. The card does cost me $50 a year but I put everything on it and pay it off every month and I very rarely pay for a flight. The banks dont like people like us - they told me that that is not what credit cards are for (I somehow kept a straight face)

  3. They really are a bunch of bankers...


  4. A stuffed mattress suddenly sounds like a good idea, providing you've got the cash to stuff it with LOL!

    Sandie xx

  5. Don`t ever fall for that trick,...'it won`t cost you nothing'... course it costs you! They`ll sting you for taking an overdraft. I personally would never take one. The interest is high and the charge for the taking is just as bad. They`d entice you to get yourself into debt. What a bunch of ..ankers!!

  6. Er...Sarina, do you mean bankers? Sorry, couldn't resist that one? :)


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