Friday, 28 January 2011

Lulu's back in town

Do not fear, Lulu is here, ha ha. I used to be called Lulu, my best friends mum could not say my name, so she said, 'I shall call you Lulu', and she did for many years. So, Lulu's back in town. The hostel was very good, I had a room to myself again, I love it when it's quiet. It's not a good idea to stay at Edale in the spring/summer months, full of school kids, oh my, what a racket. There was two of us on the first night, and five last night. It is up a long drive on the side of a hill, and hidden in the trees. The staff are smashing, and two feral cats live there.

I walked 30 miles over the three days, with a heck of a lot of ascent, 5683 feet according to I did go up Hollins Cross and Mam Tor again, couldn't resist it. Boy was it cold though, it was flippin freezing. My fruit juice was freezing in the bottle, had to break the ice at the top to drink it.

I called in at Tesco's on the way back, and spent the grand total of £5.10 on my veg for the week. Cauliflower, sprouts, potatoes, salad, swede, mushrooms, stir fry, plus a loaf of bread, chicken for the cats, and a large carton of plain yogurt, all reduced, yipeeee!

I've been sorting the photo's out, I'll put some on tomorrow. Goodnight.


  1. Sounds like you've had a great time Ilona, even if it was a 'little crisp'!
    Look forward to your photos.

  2. Can`t wait to see where you`ve been!

  3. £5.10 for veg, thats a good price, I can't understand it when people say they can't afford fruit and veg any more yet they spend more money on chocolate, crisps,cakes etc! Can you freeze veg?

    looking forward to pics, not been to Mam Tor and that area for years.
    Josie x

  4. I look forward to seeing your photos... I thought of you when I was standing outside freezing cold on playground duty and wondered how much colder it would be at the top of whatever hill you might be on!!

  5. Edale - lovely, I stayed in that hostel when I was 15, cycled there from Warrington. I'm going to be going over there by train next weekend getting off at Hope station to meet my Czech friend & we'll chat and walk a bit.

    Tell us all how you keep your veg fresh, as I only buy potatoes and carrots, and get the rest when I run out.

    Keep my spuds in an earthenware pot in the conservatory this weather, in the front porch in summer. Carrots too, but in summer they have to go in fridge as they sweat too much.

    Nice to see you back, I'm so glad I found your blog.

  6. Hi Josie, I can't understand it either, junk and processed food cost much more than fresh veg. I buy what's in season, never buy fancy veg that's been shipped halfway around the world, unless it's been drastically reduced in price, then it's a treat.

    I only freeze the veg I grow if I have too much, but you can freeze some shop bought, I think root vegetables are best for this. I don't bother freezing veg from Tesco, it keeps ok in my kitchen for a week because it's cold enough in there. My kitchen never gets hot through cooking. I don't like frozen sprouts, cauli, or leafy veg, they seem to go to mush.

    I think it's all to do with the water content, the less water the better they freeze.


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