Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Victim of the snow

I am very sad, my poor yucca tree looks like it has given in to the extreme cold, and is lying down to die. I bought it from a garden centre about ten or more years ago, as a small plant in a pot. A couple of years ago I transplanted it, moved it away from the window to the centre of the garden to give it more space. It was growing wonderfully, about 8 feet tall, now look at it. All of it's leaves are hanging limply like a grass skirt, the last few hanging on at the top have keeled over.

The photo below was taken a year ago during the snow of last winter, it survived to grow a few more inches. A lovely focal point in the middle of the lawn.

I was hoping it would double it's height to make a magnificent specimen, now I feel I have lost a friend :0(


  1. Ilona in all probability it will throw up new shoots from the base during late spring early summer if you leave it alone. Thin these down if there are too many and it will grow away well. In future years if a heavy frost is forecast wrap half-hardy plants that you value in something porous to let water and light through but provide some frost protection.

  2. Thank you Jane, I am keeping my fingers crossed for it.

  3. Hi Ilona, I've landed here via Northern Pies blog,
    What Jane said, we had the same last year and with the pot being just too heavy to empty out it stayed where it was for a few months (as things tend to do)It then surprised us by throwing up a spindly shoot, nowhere near as large and lush as before but it's trying, it's wrapped up in "fleece" at the moment. Good luck.

  4. Thank you Danny, that's given me a glimmer of hope. Thanks for popping by my blog, now I'll go and look at yours.

  5. ouch! poor thing looks completely spent, but I'm with the others in hoping for the best for it. and you!

  6. I know it's an old post and this following link is a year old but thought you might be interested ?

  7. Thank you dan, I've had a read of the article. The leaves are falling off mine now, but it says not to give up on it yet. Maybe cut it off at ground level, and it might sprout again. It's going to take years to grow to the same size. I might dig it up and put another small tree in it's place, which needs to come out of it's pot.


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