Monday, 10 January 2011

Warm Front Grant

Josie asked about the Warm Front Grant which I mentioned in a previous post. This is a government funded scheme to update central heating and home insulation for people of limited means. Because of high demand there is no money left in the pot in the current financial year so they are no longer accepting new applications. Everyone that has previously applied will get the work done, and new people will be able to apply after April 1st.

This link will tell you all about it and you can check if you qualify.

I was given a £3,500 grant for a new boiler and hot water tank. I also had cavity wall insulation and loft insulation, and I must say the insulation has made a difference. I now no longer have to wear a hat and gloves in the house, ha ha. By the way, I qualified because I pay a reduced council tax due to a low income and no savings.

The questions are a little intrusive when you apply for any kind of benefits, they go through your finances with a fine tooth combe. But if it gets you the bits of paper needed to claim for grants, then it's worth it. A lot of people are put off by claiming for any benefits, but if you need them and they are rightfully yours, you have to bite the bullet and go along with it.

Hope this helps.


  1. thanks, my mum gets 25% off council tax as she is on her own (is that the same as council tax benefit?) but that's it but that's all I know about her finances.
    Josie x

  2. mum in law got this, she also gets pension credit as the state pension is her only income, she had a new boiler, insulation etc - it was a godsend and really reduced her bills

  3. Josie, sorry but the 25% off for single occupancy is not classed as a benefit. If your mum has no savings and is on a basic pension she may qualify for further reductions which would be 'council tax benefits'. But she would have to declare her financial situation, there's no getting round it. Did you check the list, does she get any other type of benefits?

    The trouble is that so many elderly people are either afraid or don't know how to ask for help.

  4. as far as I know, no other benefits, my mum has savings but I don't know how much but I know she pays tax on her pension not sure if that's pension credit either or just basic pension?
    oh she gets the £200 winter allowance thing? but I've not heard her say anything about getting a cold weather payment. Her boiler is over 20 years old because she always complaining how much it would cost to replace!


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