Monday, 10 January 2011

Micky - the pretty predator

I caught Micky sitting on the top of the old apple tree stump yesterday. Although he looks a sweetie, this is the best vantage point for him to survey the garden in the hope that some unsuspecting little birdie comes along that he can eat for his dinner.

He still comes to visit from number 8 almost every day, but just lately he has started to turn his nose up at the food on offer. At first he would eat anything I put down, but now, if it isn't to his liking it's one sniff and off he goes in search of something better.

The two little girls at number 8 gave me a home made Christmas card, so now I am going to print this photo off and put it through their door. They will like that.


  1. How thoughtful of you Ilona, they will like that I'm sure.

  2. We not only must worry with finicky husbands, and kids, and grandkids.Now we must worry about our finicky pets(and our neighbor's pets). We have the same problem in our household in Kentucky.Our 2 cats and 1 house dog, and now a pet rooster are so spoiled, they only want certain things to eat. It's getting ridiculous,not to mention expensive.

  3. He looks as though he is up to no good.
    Lovely picture


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