Thursday, 13 January 2011

What is important to me

Right, let's have a look at the comment by abc1, on Monday's post, 'Shopping for a car', I'll go through it bit by bit. He/she, not sure which, asks why all my scrimping principles go out of the window when it comes to buying a car. I either haven't made it clear enough the reasons why I am carefull with my money, or abc1 has not read much of my blog. My scrimping principles didn't go out of the window, I tried to find the best car for my needs for the least amount of money, as I would expect most people to do the same.

Let's look at my needs. I need to travel around the country with as little hassle as possible, without the fear of breakdowns. Yes, I could have gone for an older car, but to minimise the risk I felt newer would be less likely to breakdown. I may have indeed been lucky, like abc1 with his/her older car, who knows, a risk I was not willing to take.

Another factor that influenced my decision was that I want to enjoy my driving, so some degree of comfort would be required. Years ago my car was any old nail that I could afford, it only had to get me from A to B. But now the journey itself becomes part of the day out, my enjoyment begins as soon as I set off.

Next point. 'All my other economies are pointless if I blow thousands on a car to watch it depreciate'. If abc1 has been reading my blog he/she will have picked up on a few clues here and there as to why I am frugal. It's not about spending nothing at all, I am carefull because I prefer to spend my money on what is important to me. I don't have a television because that is not important. I am happy with very simple food, second hand clothes, I don't fritter it away on going out, pubs, meals out, entertainment etc. I am happy to stay in the UK for holidays, and I limit my heating to only when I am very cold, so lots of savings there.

So, what is important to me? My freedom of movement, because I have spent a lifetime of travelling up and down the country, albeit in my job, I love the open road. The freedom I have now in retirement, subject to my health holding out, means that any bonus time I have from now on, I can grab it by the balls and live it. Another thing that is important to me is communication through this computer, so with car and computer, I'm happy.

Ultimately it's all down to money, what I am trying to say is that I have budgeted for this car. I have put money aside knowing that one day I would need to change the Focus, planning ahead. The cheque from the insurance covered more than half the cost, so with the £500 off in the sale, I can easily afford it. Cash not credit.

One last point, depreciation. I will not be watching it depreciate I will get the pleasure out of it. It's a fact of life that almost everything we buy depreciates in value, even investments aren't guaranteed safe. So if I start saving now for the next one in 3 to 4 years time, I shall be ok. The fact that part of the cash I am about to hand over pays for the upkeep of Perry's business premises, heating, lighting etc, is neither here nor there. It is the same as 10p of the money I spend in Tesco going into the upkeep of their store. There is a price for everything, wages have to be paid, all we can do is try our best not to be ripped off. I am happy with my purchase.

Here we have a lovely view from the Lake District, as a reminder of our fabulous country. Can't wait to get out there again.


  1. Do you think they got it this time? LOL!
    The car is for you,you've paid for it yourself,It brings you imeasurable pleasure, why are they so critical, what business is it oth theirs? ENVY I think.
    You go girl and enjoy!

    Sandie xx

  2. Very well said, I think it was quite rude to leave such a comment when they clearly haven't been following your blog or grasping the concept of how you live!

    Glad you like my room, like you, I don't spend money in the pub or things like that so I have saved up for all the new furniture I bought and was happy to spend the money on solid furniture as its better quality and will last for a long time!

    Computer and car are next on my savings list, as my car will only last another 3 - 4 years, it's getting older!

  3. I totally agree with you, i did the same and bought my car last year in the long run it was more economically viable

  4. Louise, your furniture is lovely, I am glad you got exactly what you wanted.

  5. well said, good post, personally I don't think that you should have to justify to anyone how you spend YOUR money (which is cash and not bumping up a credit card debt!)

    Josie x

  6. Well said Ilona! We all have to make choices, its not possible to 'have it all' and the choices we make are to suit our life. I know I get a bit of stick occasionally for choosing to spend money on broadband and sitting at my PC wrapped in a shawl and a fleece blanket. My choice because it brings me great pleasure. Hope your new car brings you lots of fun and that you create happy memories, enjoy.

  7. agree completely that NOT spending on those things that have no value to us helps us to have the $$ to spend on things that do. Congrats on your new car & blessings on your future adventures, MQ!

  8. I would be happy to respond but sense that my comments are not welcome. Unless you wish me to comment further then I shall shuffle off back into the ether.

  9. It is entirely up to you, abc1, whether or not you comment again. I was slightly taken aback by your first comment, I could have ignored it or deleted it, but then decided it might be a good opportunity to enlarge on the reasons for my frugality.

    Most people follow a blog because they can connect with the person writing it, common interests - similar backgrounds, and to learn from similar experiences. It does seem strange to me that someone would post a negative comment having a dig at the blogger. Surely people would pass over and ignore blogs that they had conflicting views with.

    You may be getting confused with forums, which are there to stimulate healthy debate. I don't mind people having a different point of view, but if I am offended, or a comment is abusive, I will delete it.

  10. I can see your point - I am nowhere near the mean queen as you are but if I were on my own I probably would be. I dislike frittering money on something that I can see the result of.

    I have only recently found your blog and am really enjoying reading it and find it very entertaining.

    We do have old cars but my OH is a classic car fanatic and hates modern cars but that is from choice not 'any old car will do'.

    I mean, you only have a cup of tea even if you put 2 tea bags in the pot, nothing else, so the other teabag, as it were, goes towards something you DO want.

    Keep up the blogging, I shall keep looking now I've found it.

  11. I enjoy your blog very much, and I love the way you have reasoned out your artful use of money in order to enjoy a life, not a 'lifestyle'(as dictated by the so-called 'normal' people out there)
    Beautifully explained for the benefit of anyone dipping into your blog and misinterpreting what they've read - let's hope they've 'got it' now!
    My husband and I feel pretty much the same, and happily scrimp on certain things in order to carry on enjoying the use of our car (while we are able) and the computer.
    We also enjoy finding ways of making our money go as far as possible, and have pared down our spending while still enjoying life.
    Thanks for all the inspiration!


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