Sunday, 6 February 2011

Fingers crossed for Rocky

Look at this cute little dog, isn't he lovely.

This is Rocky the dog who doesn't get to see much outside his own garden. Well I am pleased to report that things are a changing. After having a few walks with me he has realised that there is life beyond the garden fence, a whole new world out there, and he wants to explore it.

The crafty little fella has been making a break for it, but he doesn't run away, he knows exactly where to go to find comfort, food, companionship and a warm place to sleep. Barry's house.

Barry lives opposite Rocky, and has a dog called Scruff. He is a kind man and loves his dog. He did have two, both rescued, but sadly one passed away leaving Scruff on his own.

Rocky has been turning up at Barry's house at all hours of the day and night, and Barry takes him in, feeds him and walks him, and takes him back to the woman in the house. For him only to repeat the whole sequence over again. Barry has been keeping him longer and longer, in the hope that the woman says he can keep him forever. The woman does not seem too concerened where Rocky is. I don't think she is a horrible woman, seems ok to talk to, but she has no idea what looking after a dog is all about.

So keep your fingers crossed that she will let him stay in his new home permanently, because he couldn't find a better one.

This is Scruff, a lovely dog.

The two of them are perfect together, the best of pals.

Big Scruff and Little Scruff, having a walk on the village green.

Warms the cockles of your heart, doesn't it?


  1. aww, I'm not a doggy person but I hope Rocky gets the home he deserves.

    that's why we chose Millie, the cat's protection found her with a litter of kittens under someone's decking. Millie was just seven months old at the time!!

    Josie x

  2. Maybe one day he will just stay! Hopefully so.

    Like children - I like other people's dogs, they usually like me and I have dog sat for neighbours. I am really a cat person but I think once you commit to a dog, it is a larger responsibility than a cat as not only do you have to see they are fed and are healthy, you must walk them and give them some joy for living!

  3. they are a cute pair, hope he gets a new home with Barry
    Twiggy x

  4. Dogs know when someone cares and gives good company. That`s why the little cuty will find his own ideal home. Hope it all works out for him.

  5. aawww, Rocky looks like a lovely dog and how sweet that he gets on with scruff! :-)

  6. OMG Scruff could easily be a cousin of our dogs, He looks so much like Roobarb! It would be fabulous news if the owner would hand Rocky to Barry.

  7. Well done Ilona for introducing Rocky to the interesting world beyond his own garden and I really hope Rocky gets to live with Scruff and Barry permanently. Barry sounds like a really decent and caring chap and they will be a happy family unit. Hopefully she will hand Rocky over to Barry soon. I worry that she may be mentally ill and may suddenly change her mind and decide to shut Rocky up as a prisoner in the house to prevent him getting out or even sell him to someone else who will not care for him either. Please continue to look out for this cute little chap, Ilona as I do not trust the woman.

  8. awww adoreable♥ Hope to hear of a happy ending xxx

  9. Aw, what a cute (and poignant) dog story. I hope Rocky gets to stay with Barry and Scruff. It sounds like this home is heaven sent from doggy heaven :-)

  10. I'm particularly impressed with your photography here so would like to compliment you. I've not found it easy to take good photos of my dog.


  11. Thank you Brian, and everyone, I'm glad you liked the story.

    It is difficult to take a good photo of any animal that won't keep still, having a second person helps. To get their attention you can use treats. I took twelve in total so some of them were discarded. Sometimes you can salvage something from a photo that is not quite up to scratch by cropping, trimming off the unwanted bits, like I have done with two of these. I do crop quite a lot. I don't use all the tools on the photoshop because I don't know what half of them are for. I do use the contrast and the colour saturation a bit. Trial and error really.

  12. Those two dogs look made for each other. I hope there will be a happy ending ( or should I say a new beginning) for Rocky.


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