Monday, 14 February 2011

Getting my money's worth

I am using up some Body Shop stuff left over from when I was a consultant, which must be more than ten years ago. I was pretty hopeless at the job actually, I couldn't find enough people to host the parties for me, and hated the way everyone opened up the pots of lotions and makeup, and stuck their fingers in. We were taught to use spatulas to scoop a bit out for testing, for hygienic reasons, but you had to have eyes in the back of your head once the demonstration ended as everyone grabbed a pot of something to smudge on the back of their hand.

I am just working my way through the last of the Cooling Leg Gel, and the Lemongrass Deodorising Foot Spray, which is taking a while to finish because I don't take my knee length socks off very often, ha ha.

There's not much left of the Vitamin E Face Mist, you close your eyes and spray it on. It's supposed to protect, moisturise, and refresh your skin. I have been wiping it around my face with a lump of cotton wool, so that it all gets a liberal coating. The cotton wool is over ten years old as well, shows you how much time I spend faffing around with my skin cleansing and moisturising routine, hardly any. I have discovered that to get my moneys worth out of the cotton wool, I can use one lump on three seperate ocassions. When one side is a bit mucky, pull it apart and you find a clean bit in the middle. How many people throw away a cotton wool ball after using it once, how wastefull.

I do try and get my moneys worth out of everything I buy and own, take my pants for instance, oh no, she's not on about her pants again, ha ha. How long do they last before you actually give up with them and throw them away. I emptied my washing basket out this morning, to find three pairs of pants that I had earmarked for chucking. After all this time, goodness knows how many years, they have at last gone a bit baggy. I remember last time I wore them I said that would be it, they were going in the bin. But then I forgot when I took them off and they automatically went back into the wash basket.

So here they are again, well I might as well wash them now. An hour later they come out of the washer, well you can't chuck them when they are clean can you, so they go back in the pants draw, ready for next time. When will they ever completely wear out, at what stage do you worry about the state of your underwear, is it only when you start thinking you might get knocked down by a bus and carted off to hospital, ha ha.


  1. Well I've always thought if you're going to get knocked down by a bus you'd be better off in a pair of pants you weren't bothered about being cut off you!

  2. I have several pairs of pants that are almost 11 years old. One pair is falling apart but I love them so I refuse to bin them until they fall apart to the point that I can't wear them anymore!

    Thanks for your comment. I didn't know you were from staffordshire! Blackbrook zoo was called bird world until a few years ago and is near winkhill, which you will probably know of as it's near alton towers.

    I believe the park was started by a local lady with some land who was passionate about birds and conservation. She has since died but her family followed her wishes to continue to develop it and the collection keeps growing. Sunday was so busy I didn't see any keepers, but on quieter days they are out and you can see that lots of them are really passionate about their work and they're usually happy to chat about the animals and the park. Perhaps next time your hostel-ing nearby you could pay a visit! Gradbach hostel is not too far away :)
    It is worth a visit if you like that sort of thing and the entrance fee goes towards the running of the park.


  3. knickers would have to be literally falling apart before I will chuck them. If you were run down by a bus, I think you would have more important things to be worrying about! x

  4. Sounds a bit like me re knickers, and I turn my cotton wool pieces, not balls inside out to do a bit more. My knickers keep re-appearing.

    Louise - I used to live just before that turn off for Blackbrook Zoo. It wasn't there then. It was Old Hall Farm, now Old Hall Nurseries. When we moved there it was before the Little Chef opened. My goat went somewhere up the hill when we moved and was able to run free. She didn't have such a big field with us, as it had to be fenced in, using the land for something else.

  5. I've just realised I have changed my username on Google from Anne Marie to Campfire. It is easier to be a bit consistent, I must remember to change everything.

    Neither MeanQueen or Louise will know who I am as CF apart from the picture.

    By the way, I worked at AdamsFoods for John Adams himself! What a lovely man he was too.

  6. if a fire should ever burn all my clothes, the worst part would be that I might find I need the next size up in undies. Some of them are old enough to have stretched with me the illusion that I'm not much changed!

  7. I have had a nice cool cotton shirt that I have had for the last 7 years wore it for best for 5 years and when the colour went out of it from peach to pale peach nearly white decided to wear it to work I'm a commercial cleaner well last friday night I had to stretch for something and it ripped across the front it was so embarrasing just as well my hubby works with me and there was no one in the offices we were cleaning. So off came the buttons to use on something else and the restj of the shirt went in the bin. Too rotten for rags.

  8. My mother in law had such a sense of pride when in the changing rooms at the golf club - she had been beaten and then snubbed by a very snobby golfing lady but felt so much better when she saw how shabby that lady's underwear was, and she herself was wearing a brand new lacy matching set. There are times when the old comfortable knickers just will not do!

  9. I'm not one for matching underwear! A friend has everything matching! I would get them all mixed up in my knicker drawer, as bras do not last so long as knickers!

    I was quite comforted when I saw a Trinny & Susanna programme when they exposed their underwear and theirs didn't match either!

  10. ...or when you meet a new man ....


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