Friday, 18 February 2011

He's pulling through......slowly

I had a free day today so I put the pedal to the metal and trucked off down the M1 motorway to visit Uncle Stan, and I'm pleased to report that he is a lot more chirpy than when I visited last time. He is now out of hospital and temporarily residing in a small care home. It's very much a home from home type of place, he has a smallish, neat and tidy clean room, with a tele, wash basin, wardrobe, cupboard, bed, and chairs. There are a couple of comunal lounges, and a nice dining room.

Aunty Pat is in hospital in Leicester, having had her heart operation on Monday, and it is hoped that when she is well enough to go home, Stan will be able to join her. He is very much looking forward to that.

We had a great chat, just like we always used to, I can see the old Stan slowly coming back. He even joked about his pacemaker, he said the battery lasts 10 years, that would take him up to 97. I said he would need another one then to get him to the 100. He laughed about the pacemaker keeping his heart beating when all the other bits of his body were breaking down, he would be ready to go but his pacemaker wouldn't let him. He thought that was funny.

Thank goodness his appetite has come back though, he has lost a lot of weight. He said he couldn't swallow anything the last few weeks, now he is moaning that they don't give him enough food. I must admit though that his tea didn't look very appetising, three small square turkey sandwiches (white bread) and a piece of fruit cake. A bit of tinned fruit with some ice cream would have been nice. I will ask Russell his son, to take him some extras in.

And to think, the poor chap suffered a heart attack, and had to endure two botched attempts at fitting him with a pacemaker, before they eventually completed the job. It's a miracle he is still alive.
Goodnight, see you tomorrow.


  1. My mum had five pacemakers starting when she was 78 and the last one at 94 (she died at 96) They told her each time that this would last the rest of her life. I dont know whether this procedure is botched as you put it.
    Sometimes the wires dont stay in and it has to be redone. the first one is the worst though as a pouch has to be cut into the chest which does nt need to be done in replacements.

  2. Don't even get me started on the health system in New Zealand

  3. I'm sure they both cannot wait to be back together again, hopefully it will not be too long♥ I'm sure Uncle Stan was thrilled to see you and have a lovely chat etc. xxx

  4. Brilliant, that your Uncle Stan is on the mend, it will be lovely when your Aunt and Uncle are back together.
    Twiggy x

  5. So pleased to hear that Uncle Stan is on the mend, hope his wife makes good progress and they are soon home together.


  6. I think it was a Timex watch advert that had the slogan: "Takes a licking, but keeps on ticking..."

    Sounds familiar, doesn't it.

  7. That`s very good news! Let`s hope all else goes well for him and his wife.


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