Monday, 28 February 2011

Look at me, eating spicy food ;-O

First of all, Hello to sue15cat and welcome, glad you have found us. I'll take a look at your blog as soon as I've eaten my lovely cheap dinner.

Remember the Enchelada kits I bought from the Cash and Carry, three for £1. I wouldn't normally buy something like this, for a start I had never heard of them before, and I am not a fan of spicy food. But I read the instructions on the box, and on the recommendation of the man who works there, (yes I know he is trying to make a living, and I wouldn't normally fall for his sales chat), I thought I would give it a go, for that price it's worth a try.

I came back from taking Jessie a walk this afternoon feeling a little bit wobbly, got absorbed in making another cat food bag and forgot to eat. I spread some marmite on a Ryvita and stuffed it into my mouth while I got on with making this. The filling is onions, mushrooms, potatoes, swede, chick peas, and brocolli. I didn't want to spend time waiting for it to cook in the oven, so I fried the onions and mushrooms in a pan with a drop of oil and some margarine, then added fruit juice, (I always add fruit juice instead of water), and some of the packet sauce mix you get in the box. Simmer this for about ten minutes, during which time the other vegetables are steaming in another pan.

When the veg is almost ready transfer it to the other pan, add a drop more juice, and let it simmer for another ten minutes. Then make three rolls with it, drizzle the wet sauce on the top, add grated cheese, and microwave it for four minutes. Doing it this way saves on gas.

This is my dinner.

Jessie waiting patiently for any stray bits that might fall to the floor. I gave her the stalk from the brocolli which she loves.

Here's one cut open. You can put any vegetable filling in. I've just scoffed it all, now I am bursting.

I must get some more of these, hope they have some left. They are lovely.


  1. Oh I'd like those too, they look delish. I do like a bit of spicy food. I did smile at Jessie, my older dog gets into position under the table when I start my meal, she is seldom dissapointed :-D

  2. Sounds delish. Husband had prawn sweet 'n sour tonight but as I don't like prawns I just did all the vegetables in my own sauce and had that with rice instead. The prawn one looked particularly colourful. I wish I did like them.

    I've been looking at sue14cat'site the other day and enjoyed it, will visit again.

  3. That looks very good, our dog always hovers in the kitchen when I'm cooking. I never thought of using fruit juice x

  4. I was thinking about this dish as I was washing up and must buy some, as Mr C loves things like this. Love chick peas too.

  5. Looks very filling and tasty:) Sorry I didn't get chance to comment on your Liverpool trip, I loved reading all about it and of course the great photos. Where to next I wonder? xx

  6. They look good! We just had some wraps with fresh veg and lettuce, plus my homemade salsa and garlic dip. No cooking involved at all, just a 6 sec. warming of the wraps in the microwave, before filling them. My salsa is a hit with everyone, whilst slightly chilli it`s also very refreshing as it`s made with some lime juice, tomatoes, red onion, chilli flakes,little sugar and a squirt of ketchup. I blitz all ruffly in a blender and add some ruffly chopped coriander at the end. Delicious!

  7. Woohoo....I've caught up and am now bang up to date reading your posts as you do them. Facinating stuff. Thanks for the welcome.

    The wraps look delicious and I should imagine VERY filling if you manage to eat three at one sitting.

    You're very welcome to pop by my Blog....look forward to seeing you there.

    Sue xx

  8. I've just been out on my bike to the local shopping centre and bought some Fajitas - couldn't get Enchiladas, so these will be spicy and see what happens. I think I will do what you have done and put some sauce on top & sprinkle with cheese.


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