Saturday, 26 February 2011

She Loves You, yeah yeah yeah

I had to giggle when I saw this notice on a shop front. 'THIS IS A DOOR', oh yeah, I wouldn't have guessed. Well I suppose some unfortunate person did not think it was funny when they walked straight into the glass and smashed their nose. And the shop owner was probably not laughing when they were sued for all the pain and discomfort the person had to endure. Still think it was funny though :o)

A few doors up from the demon door, in Mathew Street, is this famous place. The Beatles are all over Liverpool, everywhere you turn, and as I was a massive Beatles fan, it's only right that I have to visit The Cavern Club. There are boards outside with details of future entertainment.

Lots of steps go deep down under the ground, all looking a bit grubby which is not surprising given the amount of people that must visit from all over the world. It was opened on January 16th 1957.

And this is the stage where the Beatles performed in February 1961. I can imagine it now, packed to the rafters, choking with cigarette smoke, and the famous four shaking their famous mop hair styles. Not forgetting Cilla on the cloakroom desk.

Lennons Bar is close by, and I also saw McCartneys Bar.

Well it's taken me 50 years to visit the home of my pop idols. I can remember nearly all the words of nearly all their songs, my only regret....wish I'd seen them play live.


  1. I was once in a shop which had a mirror at the end. Guess who walked straight into it - thinking it was a long shop, not really looking? Also, walked 'through' my neighbour's sliding glass door into the conservatory, she never closed it apart from that one time.

    Guess who had sore head?

  2. Cool. So nice to see the interior of a place I may never get to. Glad you made it there ;-)

  3. When I was at junior school, you were either an Elvis fan or a Cliff fan. Then two of the girls in our class started going on about "The Beatles". They got loads of grief from all of us in the Cliff/Elvis faction as we were convinced that these floppy haired layabouts from Liverpool weren't proper rock and rollers.

    Rita and Carole were right, but the rest of us took a bit longer to realise it.

  4. My husband saw the beatles when they came to Wellington New Zealand and he said that you couldn't hear them sing in the concert because of all the screaming girls


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