Saturday, 26 February 2011

Dressed to kill

Oh dear, I forgot to make a note of the artists for these exhibits, can't even remember where I saw them. Sack the reporter!

Costumes made out of wire and glass. Pretty to look at, but must be very uncomfortable to wear. Maybe something for Lady Ga Ga?

And look at the accuracy in this painting, someone must have had a very steady hand to paint all those straight lines.


  1. Some artists have ability for infinite patience to create these works. Not something I would do ;-)

  2. On first glance I thought those two were going to be your next projects. The colour would suit you anyway!

  3. Now there is a thought Ilona... I am serious.... You could do some pretty interesting clothes from recycled stuff... vivienne Westwood watch out? Maybe?

  4. I'm pretty sure the cage is in the Walker Art Gallery (the big old gallery near Lime St station/St George's Hall)- or it certainly used to be. It was one of my favourite paintings in there - I just love colours.

  5. Oh, just found so more info about it -

  6. My lovely readers have been finding some more deatils for me, thank you. I think you are right about the cage being in the Walker Gallery. It stops you dead in your tracks when you first see it. How can anyone paint as precise and as perfectly as that. Just amazing.

    Thanks for the suggestion Billie Jane, I think I could make something to wear with the drinks cans. Definately worth considering.


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