Thursday, 24 February 2011

A taste of Liverpool

I decided to visit Liverpool because there was a special offer at the Youth Hostel, £13 per night, and as I hadn't been for about twentyfive years and couldn't remember much about it anyway, I thought it would be good to go and have a look.

I started off on the the other side of the water at Ellesmere Port, visiting my friend Linda. It was great to catch up on all that's been happening. Her daughter Ellen was a small child when I last saw her, now she is a very pretty petite young lady of fifteen. Linda's fella Ollie was hovering around and seemed a busy chap. We went out for a meal to their favourite pub which had a lovely atmopsphere, busy and friendly. Sorry no pics, I forgot. Then I went under the tunnel to Liverpool.

The hostel is purpose built and ideally situated just off the main road at Wapping, very close to the everything. It was easy to walk across the road to the docks, and into town. It was very busy, lots of youngsters, most people were eating in the cafeteria, with just a few using the self catering facilities in the modern kitchen. There is a lounge with big TV screen, a quiet lounge, and a games room.

Liverpool, what to say about it, it's a mish mash of allsorts really. It shared the title of European Capital of Culture in 2008, with Stavanger in Norway, and is the fourth largest city in the UK. The waterfront was completely redesigned with a lot of new buildings added to the refurbished dock warehouses. This painting is in one of the galleries and I can't remember which, a magnificent panoramic view.

One of the newer buildings close to Albert Dock. I found it mildly amusing that there is a Gym on the first three floors, and you can see everyone lined up on the treadmills, running like mad while they have a lovely view to look at.

This is the World Museum. Even on a damp and drizzly Monday morning there were quite a lot of tourists around.

One of the old warehouses has been transformed into the Novas Contemporary Urban Centre. It's a shame there was no exhibitions on for me to see. The surrounding area was not too pretty either, other smaller warehouses and industrial units had not been touched, some occupied some not, looking a little unkempt and neglected.

Oh dear, I can't remember what this building was....

But this one is instantly recognisable, with the Liver Birds on the top.

I knew I should have made notes, this one was next to the Liver Building....

And this was on a busy street corner. The building looked a bit run down, but such lovely architecture. It is in desperate need of renovation. As you can see sandwiched in between two modern buildings, it would be lovely if it was preserved. If you click to enlarge it you can see all the little wrought iron balconies on the windows.

It was a bit too cold and damp to get my camera out, but I'll post some more later.


  1. Wow, I wouldn't like to be on the top floor of the building with the gym. It looks way too flimsy!

  2. the building with the gym is an interesting shape, looks like it isnt stable, but I'm sure it is x

  3. Hi first time commenter here! The building next to the Liver Buildings is the Cunnard Building and next to that is the Port of Liverpool building (hope I've got that the right way round). Together they are known as "the 3 graces"

  4. Thank you so much Emma, and welcome. I knew someone would come along and put me right.

    The oneparkwest building looks unstable but it's just the angle I took the photo. It widens out on the right hand side of it, to look a bit like the pointy bit at the front of a ship.

  5. That's a really technical reference Ilona, it sounds like something I'd say. I call volcanic mountains pointy mountains!


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