Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Hiya Peeps

Hiya Peeps, I'm back. Had a good time, in spite of the weather being a bit dull. Shared the dorm with some lovely girls from China, and Switzerland, as well as British. That's what I like about hostelling, you meet all sorts, who are there for a variety of reasons. Some on holiday, some working, some on a training course, teenagers having a fab time, and families with sweet little kiddywinks. And of course, everyone speaks to everyone, so friendly.

It was great meeting up with Anne Marie and Annabelle, two of my lovely readers. We had a smashing time scoffing Anne Marie's home made cake, drinking coffee, and having a good natter. Thank you for coming girls.

I had a text from Janet, they have rehomed Tiger and Lilly, and Willow, a black kitty. All have gone to lovely homes, I feel a bit sad that all this has happened while I wasn't there, I would have loved to take them to their new homes. The pens haven't stayed empty for long though, we have taken in four more cats whose owner is about to emigrate, so the search continues for more lovely homes. We went 'live' with our rescue details, on a cat web site a couple of weeks ago, and it has brought a lot of response from people looking for a cat, and also from those who need to re home as well. I think we are going to be busy.

Anyway, got to dash, Jessica blind dog is arriving any minute, her owner is going on holiday tomorrow. I'll sort out the photo's and post some soon. Catch you later.


  1. I'm looking forward to your new photos :O)

  2. We missed you♥ Looking forward to hearing all about your trip. How lovely to meet up with Anne Marie and Annabelle. I'm so thrilled that Tiger, Lilly and Willow have all been rehomed♥ Fantastic news:)

  3. Not been to Liverpool YHA so looking forward to hearing more.
    Been to some of the others that you've mentioned e.g. Eskdale and Hathersage.
    Loved hostelling too, you meet some great people!

    We're using our tesco vouchers for a couple of weekend trips this year. sft

  4. So glad you are back Ilona - have missed you :-)

    My dog would like to thank you for telling us about your walk to Spurn Point as it is his birthday today and we took him there, didn't get to the end as we got stopped and advised dogs not allowed even though he was on the lead :-( never mind the weather was pretty rough anyway. Next time I think we will just take him on the beach there - it's fab!

  5. Ilona, I'm so glad I went over to meet you and Annabelle, it was great and we never stopped talking, considering we'd all never met before. You were exactly like I imagined.

    Annabelle, it was a super idea taking us around the Cathedral, I really enjoyed the experience, I have always wanted to see it. Thanks for the coffee as well. Maybe we could meet up again in Liverpool, me buying this time.

    Thank you to both of you for a happy day.

  6. Ladies-it was so nice to meet you and it was my pleasure to show you around the Cathedral. We did have a lovely afternoon and i thoroughly enjoyed myself.

  7. thank you Kate, I've missed you too. I think I need to be buying a lap top and taking it with me on my travels. Sorry, I forgot to tell you that dogs are not allowed at Spurn Point.

    My house seems ever so cold after sweating it out at the hostel, struggling not to switch the heating on.

    Thanks again for coming to meet me, Annabelle and Anne Marie. I wonder if we could organise a hostel weekend for everyone to meet up?


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