Sunday, 17 July 2011

Dont buy one, make one

When I bought my net book the sales assistant asked if I wanted a bag to carry it about in. Of course I declined, I said I would make one. Today I made it. Cut two pieces of foam, one for back, one for front. Lay them on two layers of a plastic bag, leave enough for the seam allowance.

Then cut a piece of fabric and put that on top. Fold this almost in half with the fabric inside, leaving a couple of inches extra at one end to make an envelope. Sew the sides together, then turn the right way round.

Make the lining with a piece of plain cotton material, and put it inside the envelope.

Pin the lining and outer together with the seams on the inside, hand stitch all round. Cut a piece of velcro in half to make it narrow and machine stitch in place.

Perfect snug fit.

Easy peasy, made from scraps and and it cost nowt. Why buy when you can make.


  1. Pretty and unique too, lovely Ilona :o)

  2. That's great! The pattern even matches on the flap.

  3. Reminds me of the young blonde boy who went into a shop to buy curtains.

    "What size would you like sir?" the sales assistant asked politely.
    "About one foot square please!" the blonde lad replied.
    "That's not very large. May I ask where you intend using them sir?"
    "I need them for my computer." quietly, from the lad.
    "That's most unusual. Are you sure sir?"
    "Hello_oo ..." He says. "I've got Windows ..."

  4. That's a great way to save money! I love scraps!

  5. Very sensible Ilona, well done. The comment by 'meaina' is very relevant to your blog isn't it? ;-)

  6. Very pretty Ilona.

    What about that sleeping bag? It weighs about 750g and stuffs down to about 15" long by 7" diameter. Not sure about warmth you would have to try it at home and test it if you wanted to think about it. I use it for 'sleeping on the airbed' guests as I don't have spare bed and only a small spare room full of computer, bookcases etc.

  7. Thanks Toffeeapple, Meaina's comment has been zapped. I know spam when I see it, ha ha. If you read momey saving expert forum, the topic making extra income, there are lots of people posting about what a good idea it might be to set up a blog and sell from it. They think they are going to get rich overnight because millions will flock to their blog. Well they won't be flocking from my blog. Get lost meaina :o)

  8. Yay thats lovely! Methinks a little pocket for your dongle would be a handy addition.

    LOL sounds like something Alien doesn't it?

  9. Sorry Campfire, I hadn't realised you were asking me a question about a sleeping bag. Very good of you to offer, but I hadn't planned on taking one. I rather hope that I will find a proper bed every night.

    Very funny Brian. How did you know I used curtain material, is it that obvious. Another reason I made the case is to disguise the contents. A laptop in a laptop case is instantly recognisable, mine could be anything at first glance. I didn't realise the patterns match on the flap. I could pretend I am a smart arse and planned it that way, but I didn't, pure coincidence, ha ha.

  10. Hi OSD. Good idea for the pocket. I hope to make a matching small bag to hold all the other bits and bobs that come with it, including the dangley dongle.

  11. That's OK, a bed is clearly more comfortable!!!

    You could also make a webbing strap to sew all around the case so you can put it just under the sholders, like those handbags that are tucked up.

  12. A girl after my own heart!
    I'm with you on the pet insurance thing. If I had known better I would have put the money away regularly, as my friends do, instead of paying for insurance. When ours nearly doubled and the company were unable to give any explaination, we switched, but it's still a large out-going.


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