Monday, 18 July 2011

Two decisions

Thank you everyone for giving your thoughts on whether to insure cats and dogs, or not, and the alternative arrangements that can be made for their well being. I like the idea of using a credit card, but as I clear my statement every month I might as well cough up the cash at the time. However if someone had a 0% card they could spread the cost over the length of time the offer was valid. I think though if you don't use a credit card for a certain length of time the bank will cancel it, they certainly did with me. I wasn't using one so they closed the account, I wasn't bothered, I didn't need it.

My cats rarely go out of the garden and if they do it's only to go next door. I live in a cul de sac so not much traffic passes the house. I have spoken to my friend who knows more about cats than me, to ask what kind of illnesses older cats might develop, and how much would the medication be. It could be that the cost of the tablets would be similar to paying the insurance every month.

My cat insurance started out as £5 per month and has crept up every year. It is a 'covered for life' policy, which sounds pretty comprehensive, but when you study the small print there are a lot of exclusions and conditions, such as, 'your pet must have an annual dental examination'. Mine never have, which gives them a reason why they might try and get out of paying a claim.

If Bugsy did develop a life threatening disease, I wouldn't base my decision about treatment solely on whether he was insured or not. I would consider what his quality of life might be like, and how long he would be expected to live pain free. Yes, there might be a ceiling on how much I could afford to pay out, but for each year that he lives that amount will lessen.

Anyway, the deed is done, I have cancelled the policy and will put aside £20 a month in a pot. I am expert at saving up for things which are important. Thank you for your input.

Here are some nice photo's I took yesterday.

I love red berries.

About the long walk.
I have to buy a rucksack for my trip, I was going to borrow one but it is too big and too heavy, so I am going to Hull tomorrow to buy one. It isn't something I can buy second hand because you need to try several on to get the right size and fit.

I know I said I was going to do this trip as cheaply as I can, well I thought about getting several buses to Blackpool on the bus pass, but then realised I have enough hard work to do for the whole of the week, so it will be easier to sit on a train on Saturday. So I bought a ticket for £20.50. I don't think it is going to be a dead cheap trip, because I have to pay for my lodgings and food as I need it. I wont be dining out in some fancy restaurants though. I will itemise everything, it will be interesting to see the cost of it at the end.


  1. If we all put the money we spend on various insurance in a pot over the years instead of giving it to them, imagine how much money we would have in there if anything went wrong!

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  3. Can you carry some food with you? Then when you run out, you could shop for food in the grocery. Maybe you could go into stores and buy cheese and fruit, then hit up a restaurant for a cheap roll. The weight in your pack would get lighter as you ate the first of your food from home.

    I wanted to say, "Do not insure the cat." But, I thought I might sound mean and heartless. Fancy, my hen, means so much to me, but if it costs too much to keep her healthy, at some point, I would say goodbye to her. I do love her and bring her in the house each night to keep her safe from raccoons.

  4. I'm glad you took further advice from your friend.

    Your pictures make it look like autumn already, far too soon.

    I am looking forward to your walk. I hope the weather will buck up for you.


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