Friday, 15 July 2011

A few more bob for the kitties

I had a phone call this afternoon, Janet said the school have their Summer Fair on and do we want a free stall, it starts at 5pm. We decided to go for it and Janets husband Paul very kindly offered the use of his car to transport our stuff there. Actually I think it was Janets suggestion but he willingly gave in to the request, nice bloke that he is.

Here is me and Janet, Sue took the photo because she doesn't like being in them. I took a photo of the kids playing games, but then decided not to put it on here, after Sue said her friend took some once at an event and was told not to put them on the internet. Best not to get into trouble with the school methinks.

We didn't make much money but it was a very pleasant two hours chatting and scoffing cake :o) And of course it was usefull to keep up our profile so that people know we have a cat rescue in the village.

A little bit more planning for the walk, this is all getting very technical, where to stop for my sleepovers. I came up with the ideal solution, get some plastic bottle tops and place them along the route at equal distances apart. Dead easy, clever eh!


  1. I like your T shirt, it looks like cats with long tails? Any money, however little, is always useful to keep the cats fed and housed.

    I suppose you will have to plan your days according to the terrain, also what sort of places you are going through, camping wise?

  2. That'll be bottle stops then; not bottle tops.

    There's a YHA camping barn at Downham (NE of Clitheroe, SW of Gisburn) - £8.00 a night.


  3. Love the t-shirt! As campfire says every penny counts.
    Now, if I tried to place the maps out like you and placed bottle tops as markers the cat would skid them all over the floor!

  4. Thanks for that Brian. I had looked at camping barns but I thought you had to have your own bedding for them, and I am not carrying bedding or a tent, or camping gear.

    Campfire, I don't know what they are like camping wise, I am not camping. I don't have the gear. Yes, my teashirt has three cowboy cats on the front. I used to sell them in my Mr Puss mobile shop.

  5. I'm getting excited for you...hope it's the adventure of a lifetime--of the best sort!

  6. I've got a lovely picture of one of my cats sitting in front of a spread out map on the floor, when I was planning a walking trip around the coast of the Isle of Man. You'd swear he was reading the map!

    Sorry, MQ, I'd not taken it in you weren't camping. I do have a lightweight and non bulky sleeping bag you could borrow but it's summer weight & you would need other things as well, maybe? The offer's there if you want to borrow it.

  7. I'm really looking forward to hearing about this trip when you get home - it all sounds very exciting!

    I love the high-tech planning, lol! :)

  8. You won't have to wait till I get home, brightandnew, I am planning on taking the netbook.

  9. Ilona, is there some way we can make a donation online? Really like to support your cat rescue.


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