Thursday, 14 July 2011

The naked truth

One should always carry ones camera because one never knows what one might see when one is out and about, ha ha. I've just been to Normanby Park with my friend Jessie, she loves it there, big open spaces that she can run around in without fear of bumping into things. Her owner takes her regularly so she knows the layout pretty well.

She knows exactly which way to head for when she gets out of the car, the big fields opposite the car park. One big circuit then through the gate, past the miniture railway and through another gate to the deer park, then a walk through the woods.

As it was a sunny afternoon I treated myself to a Magnum. Emerging from the cafeteria and back out onto the park I was stunned to see several young ladies prancing about in the all togethers. Ok, so why not, I am open minded about such things. Mind you, if it had been a group of wrinkly old men I might not be so keen, ha ha. I sat on the grass to enjoy my ice cream and watch the show.

Ha ha, bet you thought it was for real. It was a group of students making a film, probably for a college project. Sorry to disappoint my male readers.

Think I am turning into the paparazzo, lurking behind bushes. Better be carefull or I might get my lights punched out, ha ha.


  1. Wood nymphs in the park, whatever next?!
    Jane x

  2. My OH occasionally reads my blog and the blogs I read regularly are on the side, I heard a snort.......and feverish clicking of the mouse and then a loud groan of dismay, you spoilt his afternoon with that second picture!!! LOL

  3. Golly I wonder if they make those leotards especially to give that effect! A few times at the swimming pool,I have seen similarly coloured costumes and they do make you do a double take.
    Good thing you were not wearing a flat cap and a long rain coat :)

  4. That did make me laugh! Ain't that the truth about always having your camera - I spotted a baby hedgehog tucking into a large snail - well, he was French - but didn't have my camera - grrr!

  5. silversewer, that is soooo funny about your husband. He saw the word naked and hoped....then, they looked naked, and then he was so!

    Meanqueen, when I whip out my camera, people are astonished and ask me if I carry it all the time. Well, yes! Of course, sometimes I forget to put the sd card back in after I load the pics onto my computer. I need to use the cord for downloading, right?

  6. Hi PP. Yes I use the cord to connect camera to computer, I never take the card out. I also delete pics from the camera when I have moved them across, and start afresh so the old pics don't get loaded again.

    The cord is permanently on my desk as the headphones are also, for watching programmes on the catchup channels late at night.

  7. Haha! Good one. I can just see you with your camera stuck in your throat because someone has put it there after punching your lights out! Maa


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