Friday, 22 July 2011

Five beans and a courgette

Reminds me of the song, 'I've got a handfull of songs to sing you'. I've got a handfull of beans for my dinner.

My first beans, and a little courgette. They are in the steamer with my home grown spuds, and peas gleened from the field. Under the grill is a piece of tuna from a packet of frozen steaks, four in a bag for £3, two bags for £5, 62p each. So a cheap and healthy meal. I'm off to eat it, then I am packing. Be back later with a list.

Oh before I pop off, I had an email from a magician in Atlanta, he asked to use one of my photo's in his promotional material. It's the London Palladium one. I'm amazed that he found it. His name is Joe M Turner, google it, I think he is quite famous :o)


  1. Crikey Ilona, you might become famous too if he credits your picture! The veggies look smashing, who is going to look after them whilst you are away?

  2. Hi Toffeeapple, he is going to put my name on it. Veg won't need much looking after, a few showers will keep them going.

  3. Wow Ilona, what a compliment, to have someone want to use your pictures. and some one famous.

    You take beautiful pictures. I think you should print some and try and sell them. I think you would make a killing!

  4. Can't get that out of my head now.

  5. Thanks Brian, yes, Tommy Steele, great song. Thanks for the link.


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