Sunday, 31 July 2011

How far was it

Just a quick note. Worked out the mileage on
Day 1 Blackpool to Bilsborrow 19.0
Day 2 Bilsborrow to Clitheroe 20.3
Day 3 Clitheroe to Earby 13.2
Day 4 Earby to Ilkley 16.1
Day 5 Ilkley to Bardsey 18.1
Day 6 Bardsey to Selby 20.3
Day 7 Selby to Humber Bridge 30
Total 137 miles. Average 19.57 miles a day.

Today I am doing nothing, my right knee is a bit swollen which is making me hobble a bit, other than that just a bit tired. Tomorrow I get the house in order because my nephew Adam and his wife Gemma are coming to stay for a few days, with their two little girls. I hope the weather stays nice for them, we can have some cheap days out locally, a trip to the seaside for the little ones. It will be something diferent for me and them, I'm looking forward to it. Toodle pip.


  1. So impressive - well done! Get that knee back to normal before you consider any more distance hiking.

  2. Such an impressive distance and average. Have fun with your relatives.

  3. Fabulous achievement. Makes me want to do something similar. Have a good time and take it easy.

  4. Fantastic feat and fantastic feet! Have a rest now and enjoy your visitors.
    Love from Mum

  5. Hi Ilona, don`t want to embarrass you, but - you`re amazing! So brave. Lynn

  6. Hope you are feeling more rested now Ilona. Enjoy your family, may even bump into you at Meggies (cleethropes) if you are coming to the seaside. Sally

  7. Interesting that you finished the last fifty miles in two days.might have been easier in three!
    Congratulations anyway!!

    (I did a walk on the mountain today as I'd had enough of de-cluttering- was out for four and a quarter hours- bliss!!)

  8. I think your walk has been amazing, thanks for sharing with us x

  9. Rest up for a while and have a wonderful time with your family♥ Amazing numbers:) xxx

  10. What an incredible walk! I have enjoyed all your photos.

    Look after that knee and have a lovely break with your family.

  11. flippin eck ilona that is amazing!!! brilliant report too. Fancy inventing your own coast to coast and doing it!!!! Bet a load of other people will make ones up now.... yay!!!!!!

    Dave aka AJ

  12. I'm so impressed with your gritty determination - well done Ilona!
    Hope the knee is better soon.

    Take care,

    Sandie xx

  13. Amazing! I am really impressed. Take care of the knee.

  14. How impressive- especially the 30 mile day! Takes you back to when people thought nothing of walking 4-6 miles each way to the knee and enjoy the visit!


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