Saturday, 23 July 2011

Let the party begin

Here I am in my little room at Terrys B & B. It's got yellow walls, a pink and red duvet, a red patterened carpet, and artificial flowers. I landed at Blackpool railway station at 5pm and fought my way through the stag and hen parties which were crowding round the pubs along the Promenade.

My rucksack aint half heavy, I am beginning to doubt my ability to carry it all the way back. I am looking at passing a few items to my friend Carol at the party tonight, and asking her to mail them back to me. Then again they are probably not worth paying the postage for so it might be just as cost effective to dump them.

Breakfast is between 9 and 10 am, a bit late for me, I could do with an early start. I shall be there on the dot at nine to feed my belly. Then it's two minutes down the road to take a pic of the sea, before I turn round and head inland.

It's just after 7pm, so I'm off out partying shortly. My friend Carol rang while I was on the train leaving Manchester, to ask where I was. I am looking forward to seeing her again, and her sisters Shirley and Pamela. We have been friends for 50 years. This is Shirleys retirement party, I'm afraid I haven't brought a party frock with me, so It will be black trainers, tea shirt, and black baggy bottoms. I don't suppose anyone will care, it isn't a posh do. Enjoy your Saturday night.


  1. Have a lovely time at the party. I wouldn't worry that you aren't wearing a party frock, it's the fact that you are there to celebrate your friend's retirement that counts. Your B&B for tonight looks nice with the flowers outside and, the sun is shining too. :-D All the best for your walk, you can do it. Looking forward to seeing your pictures and hearing how you get on. Take care. Christy x

  2. Ilona, have a good walk home. At least the first day of your walk should be fine, the forecast is good for Sunday. I live just south of Preston so I know some parts of the first bit of your route. I'm sure it will be lovely. Enjoy yourself. Sue x

  3. I stayed at a B&B in Morecambe in 1996, it was really tacky but clean, the bedrooms, you know other little 'touches' . It was the cheapest I have ever paid for a B&B but they made me feel so welcome there. I kept the card just in case I ever needed a cheap B&B again, as I'd certainly stay again.

    I forgot to say Ilona, to take the oldest clothes that you can do without, then dump them when they get dirty, so making your load lighter.

    Anyway, you will find out! Have a really great party, then first day of your walk onwards.

    Good Luck Anne Marie xx

  4. Have a great night and a great first day of your walk!

  5. You'll be fast asleep as I type this. Have a good night.
    Take care
    Jane x

  6. Wow! You're off for a brilliant adventure. Have fun at the party. Can't wait to follow your journey.

  7. Warning! Step away from that decor!! :O))


  8. I don;t know, your first night away from home and you are partying already! Have fun?


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