Friday, 8 July 2011

My third eye

Here are a few pics from my doggy walk this morning. After owning this 'point and shoot' camera for a couple of years, I am really enjoying looking for things to photograph. Scenes and objects that I have not noticed before, are now becoming more interesting. It is certainly prompting me to open my eyes and take more notice of my surroundings.

Looking across to the River Trent from halfway up the hill.

I like the plummy colour of this weed.

The contrast of fresh, crisp, green growth against the rugged brown soil.

Looking at sugar beet from a different angle. Here it is pushing itself above the ground.

And here is the beautiful Lady. She sat waiting patiently for me to take the photo's, so I had to take some of her as she was posing so nicely.

This is my favourite. I will print a copy for Graham her owner, he is coming back tomorrow. I can tell she is missing him so I give her lots of hugs and cuddles, and a few treats, but don't tell Graham though. I have to admit I spoil her rotten, ha ha. Can't help it, she is lovely.


  1. Lovely dog - I bet she has enjoyed walking with you. I like the other lady too - the ladybird!

  2. What a beautiful girl! I'm sure the photos will be appreciated.
    Jane x

  3. She is so cute, and definitely posing for her close up :)

  4. Gorgeous pictures, I wish I could grow such a beautiful dog in one of my fields!!

    Sue xx

  5. Love the ones of the dog in the sugar beet!

  6. Beautiful photos - I especially like the plummy weed and ladybird, and the pictures of Lady.

  7. There's something sort of surreal about that first photo. What a sweet looking dog.


  8. You're certainly using that third eye! And very well too. The pictures of the dog in the beet are so beautiful.

  9. Beautiful pics ........ the doggy ones especially are ver professional!

  10. Lady looks like a good walking companion...

  11. What a lovely dog, he looks very docile. He's got a gentle looking face. Great pictures of him.

    I see there's a ladybird in one of the pics, but there are different kinds. I used to keep the little hairy caterpillars you used to see in the garden, little brown ones. Used to feed them grass and banana skins until they went into a chrysallis and turned into a butterfly. The teacher went mad at one day as I took several to school, was only 5, she made me throw them all out in the school yard. I liked butterflies, ladybirds, caterpillars and worms. You don't see so many now, I think with the seasons being all to pot.

    Came across this re ladybird sightings. If you can figure out what one it is that is in the picture, you could record the sighting on this link.

    Cheers, Christy x


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