Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A step nearer

I'm getting a bit excited now, here is my rucksack which I bought today. I found an amazing camping and outdoor megastore in Hull, with masses of stuff. They had literally about a hundred tents on display, and all the clobber you might need for the great outdoors, and the prices seemed quite good.

I tried several rucksacks on, didn't want one that was too heavy, or looked bigger than me when it was on my back. Some of the waist belts were very thick and hard, they would have rubbed my skinny hips sore after a few hours. This one has a soft padded waist belt and it fit the contours of my back perfectly, it felt very comfortable. Price? £29.99, very reasonable I thought.

Jane and Chris mentioned accepting donations for the rescue cats, for doing this walk, I think you might have meant some kind of sponsorship. It's a lovely idea and I thank you for that suggestion, but I am selfishly doing this challenge for me. It's not an excuse to make a bit of money, besides, people haven't got any to spare, and I wouldn't ask anyway. Thank you kindly Jane and Chris.

In the same vein, Mathew very kindly asked if there is some way that people could donate online, to the rescue. What lovely people there are who read my blog. I hope this doesn't sound ungratefull, but we have enough in the kitty, gedit ha ha, groan, to keep us going for a while. We have some supporters in our village who are very kind and donate things for us to sell. Thank you Mathew for offering to help, you have a lovely heart.

We had a little upset last week, we took in two kittens who were found abandoned and were quite poorly with suspected chest infections. They were far too young to be left outside on their own. Sue and Janet took them to the vet and got some treatment, antibiotics. One of them wasn't showing any signs of recovery and had to go back to the vet twice more. Sadly he didn't make it, there were complications. We were all very sad. That is the awful part of rescuing animals.

On the other hand, one of the three black kittens has gone to a good home, and we have had news of one we previously rehomed. The new owner has emailed to say he has fitted in perfectly. Aaahhhhhh cute eh :O)


  1. "Walkies"! Love that little fella or girl!
    Rucksack looks bigger than me!
    I do hope you enjoy your venture.

    Take care,

    Sandie xx

  2. I think the rucksack is really good value for money and, as I'm sure you'll be using it for many years, you'll more than get your money's worth!

    I'm excited about your trip too, can't wait!

  3. Aw, that looks so cute in it's little harness!

  4. Sorry, should have said, cutie is called Garfield

  5. That is one nice rucksack. I'm getting excited at reading all about your trip. Hope you have good walking weather.
    Jane x

  6. You must have a strong back to carry that rucksack! Looks quite big. Love the little kitty, Garfield. Maa

  7. Cute kitten ,we had a harness when ours was very small.
    The kids used to take garden walking duties very seriously.
    That was a very good price for the rucksack!

  8. I'd be very interested in what you pack in that to take with you. Doesn't look like you'll be wanting to take too much.


  9. I think you will get a lot in that rucksack Ilona, try to find your lightest things to take. I'm sure you will not make the mistake of taking too many clothes. Wear/take things that dry quickly if you get them wet.

    I'm sure you've been backpacking before but don't make the mistake in filling the bag too full, unless it's edibles which you use, thus leaving the space for more!

    Like the others I look forward to seeing the reports on your travels - when are you going?

    The little Garfield is so beautifully cute. I love him. Kittens are such lovely creatures.

  10. I've missed your blog. My computer/broadband had a wobble. Garfield looks very cute, love his little harness. Your rucksack looks grand, looks a decent size for your walk. Don't forget your waterproof liner. I use a tough black bin liner. Hopefully you won't need it though as the sun will be shining. :-) I noticed this programme is on, Undercover Boss and thought this may be of interest to you. You could watch it after you come back.


    You're certainly getting organised re your trip, look forward to hearing about it all in your blog.

    Regards, Christy x


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