Sunday, 7 August 2011

One for the blokes

It's been a blokey sort of day today. We have a group of people who have restored a ww11 Tank Slipway on the eastern bank of the River Trent. It was built at the beginning of ww11 for secret testing of amphibious craft prior to their use in conflict. The group meet at the bottom pub which is just along the river bank from 'The Tank Ramp'

Today there was a rally of various vehicles from the 1940's, at the pub, including a tank. The group have been working hard to organise the transportation of the last remaining DD Valentine tank from the West Midlands. Several months of fundraising has taken place to pay for it.

I went down there at lunchtime to take a few snaps. The locals came out to support the event.

And here is the tank.

Everyone was having a grand time, trips on the river, bouncy castle for the kids, hog roast, tombola, cake stall, and a few people dressed in 40's costumes.

At 2pm the convoy set off up the hill, through the village and headed for the picnic area which leads onto the ramp. The aim was to put the tank on the ramp. Here it comes.

Round the corner from Darby Road onto Tee Lane, leaving it's mark on the tarmac.

Followed by other vehicles.

If you want information about our Tank Ramp please look at this web site
Quite an event for our small village. I like these community get togethers.

PS. I'm still struggling with the pics. I can resize in Photobucket but when I copy and paste the link across it does not publish in blogger in it's new size. I have resized all these manually.


  1. I like tanks. I'm sure OH and me would have really enjoyed that occasion. I went to the VW North West show at Tatton Park in my 1972 Beetle, and promptly forgot where I had parked it. Was beginning to panic as I really needed to sit down because of the trapped nerve in my leg, when I realised where I had left it! Too many camper vans around to hide it.

    I really enjoyed seeing your photos and will show oH later.

  2. I love old military vehicles, sounds like an intersting day and I'm so glad there are enthusiasts out there willing to devote time and effort to fundraising and restoration etc.

    I'm not familiar with photobucket so don't know what to suggest but you could just try googling something like 'linking photobucket images to blogger resizing problem' and see if you find any useful information.


  3. I have always had to resize all pictures after I got them onto the blog and before posting blog. That is a nice festival you have in your town. I will read the link to see the history. Now, why is there a flag with a swastika on the hood of that vehicle?

  4. I can see why you called it blokey day. I didn't spot much girly stuff around! Good to see you all gathered at the pub; a natural meeting place.

  5. Ilona I had the same trouble with photobucket, but found when I refreshed the page the photos were then the correct size...
    Very bloky day, glad the weather held for you :)
    Kate G

  6. I like gatherings like that very much indeed, especially when participants make the effort to dress right. I'd have enjoyed that one I think.

  7. I have had many days out like yours, with my husband being a WW2 fanatic and a father who is a D-Day veteran. I would not say it was my best day out, but I love anything vintage (especially my Dad!) and never tire of looking at the old vehicles. The best time we had was in 2004 when the three of us went back to France for the 60th anniversary of D-Day. We visited a lot of WW2 museums, attended the big parade in Normandy, saw where Dad had been stationed during the war, and watched him get his 'special' veterans medal from the mayor of Caen; a week none of us will ever forget.

  8. Interesting. I prefer four-legs to four-wheels really, but I can see the interest in getting all these WW11 vehicles together. The men who renovated that tank must have had a wonderful day!


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