Monday, 19 September 2011

Brilliant day

Hi, I've had an absolutely brilliant day, so interesting, got some fab photo's, but it's taken me ages to activate my dongle and find a good signal. Tonight I am staying with my lovely friends Paddy and Joe in Melbourne, and they have put on a wonderful spread for me. I am well stuffed.

I have known them for lots of years, They are both lorry drivers, Paddy didn't start till she was 52, and she still drives now. I don't think she will mind me telling you that she has a birthday on Friday, her 75th. Isn't that amazing? How many 75 year old female lorry drivers do you know, I bet there aren't any. So cheers to them both, and Happy Birthday Paddy.

It's midnight and I must go to bed, I'll catch up tomorrow night when I am in a B & B, I'll have more time. Nighty night


  1. She does not look 75 at all. You can give her my compliments and wishes for a Happy Birthday!

  2. Wow, thats a great picture of Paddy and Joe, retirement suits Joe, last I heard from Paddy was they bought a camper van and were hoping to do some serious traveling. I know Paddy puts a great meal on for guests and as she is a vegetarian it would be something good for you Ilona. I love her runner bean chutney she makes, its really good. Pleased you got to visit. Pity I didnt know you were near Trent Lock, I have my caravan at a friends farm 1 field from there and you could have gone there for the nights sleep over, my friend has the key

  3. above is from Danneke

  4. They both look great and so good that she's still HGV driving. We have some friends in the car club John and Della Garlick who had a haulage business and she drove past retirement age too although I'm not sure of what age. She now looks great at about 83ish!

    I'd not realised you were going so soon, I hope you don't find so much rain.

    I vaguely know some people who deal with recumbent bikes in the Melbourne area but have never been.

  5. Goodness, what a lot of food. Paddy certainly doesn't look her age does she? Well done to her for carrying on working. Glad you had a good welcome.

  6. That's the thing though, Toffeeapple, if you enjoy what you're doing, you want to don't you? I would have carried on in my previous job as I loved it but my last job, I was forced to stay after my husband's heart attack.


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