Wednesday, 21 September 2011

No chuffing signal

Hi, Apologies for not posting yesterday, no sodding signal on the chuffing dongly thingy, GRRRRRR :o( I am sitting chatting with Kate G in her lovely home. She has force fed me tonight with her delicious veggie chilli, with pears in jelly for afters, I am well stuffed again.

It was a lovely morning when I set out from Kegworth and I was looking forward to the day ahead, however after an hour it all went pear shaped after I found myself on the wrong side of the river and had to make a big diversion adding another two miles onto my day. Chuffing heck, what a plonker. When I eventually got myself sorted out it was comforting to see this sign which confirmed I was going in the right direction, ha ha.

There's more bad news, I am not going to put the photo's on tonight, because it would be rather rude of me to sit here typing away and ignoring my host. So I'm off now to chat with Kate. Maybe there will be some photo's tomorrow night when I am at the B & B, that's if there is a sodding signal.


  1. It would be rude to turn your back on Kate..and that veggy chilli!!
    Jane x

  2. That veggie chilli sounded lovely and warming, just what you needed after a long day walking.

    I think I will do one. Enjoy the rest of the evening, and take care tomorrow, sleep tight.

    PS: they were advertising another series of Superscrimpers.

  3. Hi, Ilona - glad you`re enjoying your trip. Yeah, technology`s great, isn`t it - when it works. x

  4. Being from the US and not familiar with all your slang, I never know if you are cursing or not! LOL

  5. Sounds like you are having such a lovely time:) xx

  6. Shame about the error but I'm sure you'll make up for it soon. Have a good day.

  7. Was good to have Ilona here for the evening and make sure she had some breakfast to keep her going till lunchtime :-) A lovely start this morning walking along the cliffs and down to the river and the weir.
    (Hope your feet aren't aching too much! and Dino says when are you coming back to see him again?)

  8. Hi Kate. Your sandwiches were my lunch and dinner tonight, along with a couple of bags of crisps. Don't need to buy a meal, it sounds like I am going to get a big breakfast in the morning.


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