Friday, 21 October 2011

Another party tonight.

Great party last night at the local club. This is the bride and groom who got married, ten days ago in Greece. They honeymooned in Spain, and have come here for a couple of days so Aimee's grandmother and relatives can meet her new husband and see her dress.

Aimee was born in Canada, then her parents came back to England, then Aimee decided to move to Canada when she was 22, then she met Dustin. They are now on their way back to Canada to begin their married life together. A toast to the happy couple.

These are my good friends Julie and Frank, Aimee's parents. You couldn't wish for better friends. They are going to Spain for a couple of months soon, then they might move to Norfolk, or go back to Spain. I'm going to miss them, and Jessica their lovely blind spaniel.

You know how I cant bear to see waste, well, there was food left over from the buffet last night, which incidentally Dustin prepared because that's his job, head chef. Look what I brought home. I am chuffed to little mintballs, this is my food for the week.

Just as I thought I had a little lull in my life, it's got busy again. I'm off to another party tonight, same place in the club, with Julie. It is a 75th birthday party, and it's fancy dress. Not sure what I am going to go as yet.

Now I've got to dash to town, then I've got to sort out a load of stuff and price it up, to sell tomorrow at the cat show in Doncaster. If anybody is about I will be at Doncaster Dome all day.

Here is a little money saving tip for anyone who needs a medical, to apply for or renew an LGV or PCV licence. Also anyone applying for a taxi drivers licence. I rang my doctors surgery to ask how much it would be. Answer £106. Blow that for a game of soldiers I thought, so I rang a local driving school and asked if they knew where I could get it done cheaper. The nice man at Transafe Training Limited of Stallingborough gave me details of Getting a I rang and have an appointment for Wednesday in Hull, I can get across the bridge on the bus, thus saving £6 in toll fees. Cost? £40. Good saving! And the medical is exactly the same as your own doctor would do. Rip off eh!

I have noticed it's getting a bit cold now, but I am determined to pile on the clothes and not put the heating on. They won't get any money out of me untill the temperatures plummet and I have an icicle hanging off the end of my nose, ha ha.


  1. You are busy! A lovely party last night and a fun one tonight! It is my youngest son, Andy's 19th birthday today, (I think you met him when you stayed last month) so we are all going out for a meal to celebrate :0)

  2. Your pile of veg for the week does look rather appetizing! - Gollie, what a difference in price for that renewal. Doctor Surgeries don`t half milk the public on that! Well done you for finding a cheaper option!

  3. Enjoy your party!
    Those veggies look lovely...and for free!
    Jane x

  4. What a party animal. You must show us your fancy dress outfit. Enjoy the party. Don't forget the doggy bag!
    Love from Mum

  5. Good to know that you had a good time at the party, did you wear your elegant outfit? Shall you make soup from the left over vegetables? I think I would.

    Do you keep your HGV licence up to date and that is why you need a medical? Sorry for all the questions today.

  6. The bride's dress and her mother's were beautiful, so elegantly simple. Congrats on the food haul. I love the colloquialisms. You make me laugh and I have no idea where the genesis of these sayings was. Of course, I know Americans' sayings are funny sounding to Brits.

    Nice haul on the food. Tuck some plastic bags into your pockets or bag for the next event.

    I am dehydrating lots of vegetables for use later since I went to a food bank and got so much fresh vegetables.

  7. Hi Toffeeapple. I thought I would play safe and wear something plain as I didn't know what sort of a do it would be. I have made some soup from the veg, but only had a small bowl because I think there will be more food tonight. Want to leave plenty of room for that.

    I have to renew my licence every four years, this is the first time when I am actually not driving. I thought I would do it one more time, in case I get the opportunity to drive a truck.In four years time I will have to have a medical every year after that. I probably wont bother then.

  8. I don't think you'll need the heating, you won't be in much by the sound of your social life.

    Sft x

  9. Oh, I love fancy dress! Can't wait to see what you go as.

  10. Yes, look forward to your pictures of the fancy dress. Lovely veggies.

  11. Lovely photo of the Bride and Groom and Aimee's parents. Wishing them blessings and happiness always♥ I was surprised to read you have to pay for a medical. Although from what I have read the NHS has a few faults but it is still a relief to have free health coverage. Have fun at the fancy dress, although I'm surprised you are not dressing up:) xx

  12. I'm still learning from you. I am going to make a broth, in a big pot, and I shall keep adding to it everyday. I'm going to call it 'everlasting broth'.


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