Saturday, 29 October 2011

Snug in my room

I'm a little bit sad tonight, and a little bit happy. My two kitties, Linzi and Steve have gone. We had an email asking about Linzi so me and Sue did a homecheck. All was ok, they are a nice family and are not near a main road, and they have a big garden. Tonight they are sleeping in their new home, they very kindly took both of them so they wouldn't be seperated. I shall miss them, but I am happy that they are in a better home than they had before.

I've been doubling up on my curtains today, getting ready for winter. No point in them being in the cupboard, when they can be making the room feel more snug. I found some plastic shower curtain rings in a charity shop for 20p, they are ideal for hanging the second set through the wooden rings.

The green curtains on the right are lightweight summer curtains, and the thicker lined curtains get hung over the top. This is the back window.

I have a thru lounge and here you can see that the winter curtains on the front window are a different length to those already hanging. I don't care about that, they can't be seen from the outside. You can just see the radiator here, it has a sideboard in front of it, which would block the heat coming into the room, that's if I have the heating on. I don't plan on switching it on untill it is six foot in snow outside like it was last winter. Then I will move the sideboard to one side.

Sad news about Sir Jimmy Saville. He brought a lot of joy to a lot of people, with his TV shows and his charity work. RIP Sir Jimmy.

Don't forget to put your clocks back one hour tonight.


  1. I never did understand why radiators are placed in front of windows. Do you put silver foil behind the radiator to reflect heat back?

  2. Good news about the kitties!
    Yes sad to hear about Sir Jimmy. Before moving to Glastonbury, we lived very near Stoke Mandeville hospital and were lucky enough to meet him when he worked there fund raising, serving teas and portering. Very quiet and not like his stage persona. A lovely man.

  3. We've put silver foil covered card behind the radiators (about 3 winters ago) and it made an incredible difference almost immediately - I highly recommend it

  4. Fantastic news about the kittens although you will miss them. I was very sad to hear about Sir Jimmy, he was one of my favourite DJ's on Top of the Pops many many moons ago.

  5. Good to see that someone else doubles up curtains like that!- just like duvets!! Although I found the light coming through the bottom annoying, so it was a little job to drop the shorter hem and use bias binding to keep it tidy.

    Jimmy Saville was a good cyclist too, and a Genuine Human Bean, a lovely person.

  6. It is great news about the kittens but I know you'll miss them. x

    Your curtains look great.

    RIP Jimmy, you did alot of good deeds and made a real difference with the money you raised. God Bless.

    Sft x

  7. I was sorry to hear about Jimmy Saville, I didn't know until I read it on your blog Ilona.

    I did that with my curtains last year Ilona and had already bought two £1 shower curtains from ASDA to pinch the hooks off them. With my new half bricked up window, I am hoping the room will be warmer anyway, once the window ceiling has been plastered over. It can't be done until we know for sure if the roof has been fixed. So once I am hoping for a heavy rainfall but not in the daytime please!

    Good to hear that the kittens have been homed together, single kittens always seem sad with no other to play with.

  8. The shower curtain rings are a brilliant idea.

    Radiators are placed under windows as the rising heat is supposed to block the cold air coming in through the window. I think it makes more sense to warm your internal walls really, but it seems to be the norm to do it the window way.

    Sir Jimmy was one of natures finest a throughly 'nice' and down to earth guy who just got stuck in with enjoying his life and helping others. He will be sadly missed by many.

    Sue xx


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